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Warm indoors

It was when the older children began to collect some weeds for Perla today that it started to pour down lots of rain, so we ran into the warm indoors.

The older children went to their activity room to play the card game which had facts about the different countries in the world. They played to see who could win the most and then they decided to play as two teams. Ponaa’s team won the game 2: 1. In the meantime, the younger children were excited to learn that they were making moving snail cards which had a spring greeting. Banu, Gina and Aran especially enjoyed making their cards.

The younger children then read a story which had a jungle animal theme. As soon as the rain cleared, the older children went to visit the animals and check if they had enough food to eat. They held the chicks and put some food and water out for them. Then the older children went on to feed the goats. They wanted to spend more time with Floquet who is getting much heavier to pick up now.

While the older children visited the goats, the younger children went to the kitchen to make some delicious pancakes. The older children decided that they wanted to try out their fine singing skills by creating a karaoke space and singing some of their favourite Disney songs.

After they had made their pancakes, the younger children paid a short visit to the chicks and saw the goats too. Then they headed back to their activity room to make a different type of moving card with a speckled frog. The older children made their delicious butter biscuits. Everyone took a turn in spooning the mixture onto the baking paper to make their biscuit. After that the older children wrote some country facts to make a poster. Cata chose Cuba, Joanna chose Italy and Jan picked Uruguay. They wrote some useful facts about their countries. As soon as it was time to go home they went to collect their golden coloured biscuits from the kitchen.

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