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Planting tomatoes

Our young ones started in the garden this afternoon! Together we picked strawberries, harvested artichokes, planted tomatoes, and watered the plants. After the garden we went to see the animals. We spent time collecting eggs and walking with the ponies which was so much fun! After animal time we washed our hands and went to the kitchen to bake chocolate cookies. While we waited for the cookies to bake, we read One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss, and then make our own fishes with our hands, glue, and paper!

What a beautiful sunny day we had at the farm today. We started by feeding the animals, Perla greeted us happily and Valentin was jumping in his pen. We didn't ride Perla today because we were too excited to hold and feed the new baby chicks. When we picked them up you could hear lots of peeps and they were too adorable. We fed them by holding them gently while they ate from the palms of our hands. After feeding the hens we went to feed the goats and sheep. We also went at the vegetable garden and watered the dry soil. Today we planted some more tomatoes and zucchini. We also checked the peach trees and noticed how much fruit they are bearing. After making sure that all the vegetables were watered we went in the kitchen to cook. We made some delicious apple and cinnamon muffins. While we were waiting for them to cook we did an activity where we had to use our imagination and create a superhero. We had to draw and write about the superpowers

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