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Cloudy day

Today clouds had gathered around the farm school but we still managed to do plenty of activities. We began our day by feeding Perla and Valentin. Then we went to visit the sheep and goats, Blanket had managed to bend the fence and had gotten out of his pen and as always he was selfish enough to steal the food from the sheep. Because it was drizzling we decided to cook in the school room. Alex and Judit carefully poured the ingredients for the pancakes. We also melted some chocolate and poured it on top and enjoyed eating them while listening to some music. After a while we realized that the rain had stopped so we ran to the vegetable garden and harvested some cabbages. Alex spotted the biggest cabbage in the garden and it was so heavy she needed help from the others to carry it. Today we planted some parsley, Gina and Arnau did a great job at taking out some weeds and plant the new roots.

We finished our day of activities by doing some reading and writing. David read three stanzas of the poem all by himself and after we spoke about friendship and being different.

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