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Planting aubergines

Today at farm school we started the day by feeding the animals. Alejandro, Guillem and Marc collected all the eggs and fed the chickens. Aleix was too curious to know the exact number and he counted 31 eggs!! After riding Perla we took some hay and went to feed the sheep and goats. We tried to carry Floquet like we used to when he was still a baby but he is so much heavier now. After making sure that Blanket wouldn't eat Floquet's food we went to the vegetable garden. We didn't have to water the garden today because the soil was already damp but we got to plant another row of aubergines. We also collected some strawberries and ran to the kitchen to cook. We all took turns in pouring the ingredients and cooked some Japanese buns that we enjoyed with melted chocolate. We continued our activities in the school room where we practiced some writing and doing art crafts. We talked about being different and friendship and then we read a poem about how we are all unique in our own way. We used flash cards to decide what makes a good friend and what doesn't.

Today our young ones began their afternoon in the garden. While some of us collected the ripe red strawberries, others helped water the plants. We also harvested a few potatoes to see how big they are growing! After our time in the garden we went to go feed the animals. The animals kept us busy for awhile, as we spent time with the ponies, donkeys, goats and the sheep as well! We then washed our hands and headed to the classroom where we made breadsticks from scratch. While we waited for our food to bake, we read a story called The Lucky Bunny, and then we jumped on the trampoline! We finished the day playing in the green space and eating our breadsticks. They were delicious!

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