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What a keen bunch of gardeners the younger group are. Very quickly they took their watering cans and watered the vegetables and fruits. Sergi, Jordi and Gina were helping to collect the artichokes and trim back some leaves.

The teachers were impressed with how good a job everybody did in planting the new marrow plants, some of our group had not tried it before and we did very well. Before we left the garden, we collected as many big beans as we could find.

Over to the animals we went next, Gina, Adrian, Joan and Aran had the chance to ride on Perla’s back and they managed expertly.

We were very amazed by our silhouette pictures which showed a painted sunset and then we cut out the shapes of trees and animals and other interesting shapes with black card to put on top of the sunsets, the pictures reminded us of when the sun goes down, they looked magical.

Today was just another wonderful day at the farm. We were introduced to Jan who was very friendly and polite. We started off by watering the vegetable garden, we harvested some artichokes and we spent some time admiring the lemon trees and the new baby lemons which were not there last time we checked. Because we couldn't wait to introduce Jan to Perla we ran off quickly to the animals. We fed the hens and Jan got to ride Perla. Judit wanted to cook some artichokes because our new friend had never tried them before so we went in the kitchen and while Judit was preparing the artichokes, the others poured the ingredients for our cupcakes. While we were waiting for the cupcakes we danced to the Hokey Pokey song and went in the classroom for an activity. We created some beautiful African landscapes by using orange and yellow on the background and cut out black paper to create different trees and animals. We ended our day by eating the delicious cupcakes.

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