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Fluffly chocolate pancakes and dancing

Despite the rain we had a fantastic day at the farm.

We began by making fluffy American pancakes, we all added our favorite flavors. Joana and Sara wanted a lot of cinnamon, Judit added the cocoa powder while Cata was mixing the batter. We made Mickey Mouse shapes and round shapes and we all got to flip them when they were ready. Everyone enjoyed making them, and nearly everyone enjoyed tasting them.

Because it was still drizzling we decided to go inside and play some games. We played a new fun game called YES or NO where each player asks a lot of questions from the cards but you cannot answer with yes or no. It was fun because we had to think of other ways to answer simple questions that you can usually answer with 'yes' or 'no'.

After this game we learned how fun it is to work like a team and create something, we made a robot that we decided to call “Green Santi”, with large arms and a bow tie. Everyone gave their ideas and we were very satisfied with our achievement.

We also noticed that the rain had stopped so we ran outside to feed Perla and the chickens. Cata enjoyed holding some of the chickens while Perla seemed to fancy eating her food from the green cart.

Because we didn't have to water the vegetables we came back inside for more games. We learned a new dance song called “The hokey pokey” and we enjoyed singing along while making the dance movements.

Little ones:

Our afternoon began in the garden, where our young gardeners harvested beans and artichokes! After our baskets were filled, we made our way to the chicken coop to collect the eggs laid by the chickens. Once we had visited the animals, we went into the classroom to read a story about robots, and create robots of our own! We ended the afternoon by baking some delicious chocolate chip cookies that were enjoyed by everyone.

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