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Picking broadbeans

It was an overcast day at the farm school today. Luckily the rain stayed away. It got quite sunny in the afternoon which allowed us to do a lot of playing outside. We started the day by picking lots and lots of broad beans. The children had a blast picking the ginormous beans. The children filled baskets and baskets full of beans. We also watered most of the plants, as they were very thirsty. After finishing in the garden, we visited the animals. The chickens surprised us by laying 14 eggs. Mariona and Txell patiently followed the chickens around until they were able to pick them up. They were reminded by the teachers to be extra gentle while handling the chickens. We also spent some time brushing the donkeys and ponies. After breakfast snack, we spent some time outside playing until lunch. We played games, sang songs, and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Esther, Jan, and Manuel especially enjoyed bouncing on the trampoline. Soon later we had a delicious lunch of butternut squash soup and shepherd’s pie. After lunch we worked on various art and craft activities with Siobhan. The younger children made adorable lambs by making a black hand print and gluing cotton to make the sheep’s wool. The older children then made Easter bunnies. After arts and crafts time we had story time. Siobhan read us an Easter story and all the children enjoyed listening. Then, we took turns making adorable bunnies out of bread dough. The children helped to measure out the ingredients and then shaped the dough to look like rabbits. We then waiting intently for the bread to be baked. As we finished up the day, Siobhan did some amazing face paintings, such as on Eric and Arnou who became fierce tigers. Overall, we had a great day at the farm school. We can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring.

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