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Quiches day

Today was a rainy day so not many people came. Luckily the rain stopped when we got out into the veggie garden but we didn’t need to do any watering. Bruna and Banu dived into the broad bean jungle and got some pretty huge beans. We also picked some chard and cauliflower which they will hopefully take home later for some dinner or lunch?

The peacocks are getting bigger, we found one outside today in the parking lot. Brad, Gimena and Jordi after numerous attempts, managed to get the peacock in safe and sound, I believe a taller fence is in order! The chickens were hungry as always, and Bruna found one in the hut sitting on an egg. Violetta, Perla, Estrella and Valentin were just happy to have a break from being ridden.

Floquet is getting bigger, you can already see the horns peeping through. He is not as interested in people any more, only food. Blanquet has calmed down a lot he seems more at ease in his environment.

We made quiches today yummy yummy. So simple yet so delicious and quick.

We made a butterfly today to represent change. We used different patterns and then printed it on paper to make a symmetrical image, pretty amazing patterns came out.

It is pretty cold today and unfortunately we can’t get the fire working, but hopefully a bit of quiche and a good book in the classroom will keep us nice and cosy. The book is about a boy and a tree, and how the boy grows up and forgets about the loving tree, it is quite sad.

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