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Our theme today was about changes.

We began the day by collecting some leeks and lovely onion to use in our cooking activity, Gina had to use all of her strength to pull up one of the biggest onions from the ground. We did a lot of watering because the soil was very dry. Then we all helped to plant the new tomato vines. Yemna and Mae were brilliant farmers.

Then we went on to feed the animals, Txell picked up the white and brown chickens while Mae and Asier found the hidden eggs that the chickens had laid. Those sneaky chickens!!

After our breakfast, we began our cooking activity. Today we made mini quiches. We used one of the onions which we collected from the vegetable garden. First of all, we cut out our bread using a glass so that we could get a nice round shape for the base of our quiches and then we put layers of the onion and cheese on top of the bread. Followed by the egg mixture which Judit and Alex helped to share out so that everyone had an equal share. Alex also helped by putting the muffin tray into the oven.

Once we had finished our cooking we went to the activity room to begin our craft activity. We drew around a butterfly stencil and drew the patterns on. Next, we did some painting. We painted half a butterfly and pressed half the paper together so that when we opened up the paper we saw that there was symmetry. Then, when the butterflies had begun to dry out we cut the shape of the butterfly. Jan’s and Arnou’s butterflies looked very colourful and symmetrical.

We decided that we were too hungry so we would have a morning snack. We were ready to tuck into our delicious cheese and onion quiches. They were so delicious that every one of them was gone within seconds.

Lastly, Gimena read a story called “the giving tree” which was all about a boy who was getting older and the tree was changing too. Then we sang some songs. It was really good singing from Yemna.

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