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Collecting broad beans

We were lucky that the rain stopped just before the farm school! This meant that we didn’t have to water all the plants in the garden, but we have been busy planting instead. Firstly, we planted parsley, all the children enjoyed helping one another, especially Aina. We then planted some onions, Aleix made the holes with the dipper and all the other children planted the onions. Maria and Julia were really quick at planting the onions, they did an excellent job. After we went and looked at the

Before going to the animals, we collected some weeds for Perla and Valintine. It was very muddy down at the animals today, but we all had our boots! Alex, Maria, Aina and Theo collected the eggs, we counted 9. There was a really big one! Guillem enjoyed catching the chickens, especially the new grey ones! Some of the children also enjoyed a quick ride on Perla, especially Perla. We then went and saw the new baby goat called Floc. The children enjoyed watching him walk round the pen and Aleix even held him.

It was then fruit trees, Theo found the oranges, and Judit found some lemons. Then we went to try and find some broad beans, Josh found a really big bean and all the children enjoyed looking at it. Some of the children even tried it!

It was then time to make our space rocks, which are also known as chocolate chip cookies! The children enjoyed getting their hands dirty and rolling out the dough. Alex hands were really dirty! We then placed them in the oven before we did the arts and crafts activity.

We then painted some paper, so we could turn them into planets. We then cut and stuck them onto black paper. We even splattered some white paint on the paper to make it look like stars. Everyone’s picture was very good and artistic!

Then we went and collected our space rocks, they looked very nice!

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