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Planting onions

Hello everyone, today has been a very exciting day and we can’t wait to tell you all about it.

As we are now better farmers than ever, we decided to make sure all the vegetables are treated very well by watering them and checking that they’re healthy. We did this as the group started to arrive, and then when everyone got here we went to plant some lovely onions. Cata and Gina were very keen to plant the most, whilst Banu, Bruna and the rest of the group helped as well. Joan even made sure they were secure in the soil before leaving them! Sergi handed out some peas and we all tried them, some people enjoyed them and some didn’t. An acquired taste I suppose!

The group were very eager to see the animals today as we have a new arrival. First, we went to see the donkeys, ponies and chickens. Violeta has been very professional today, by letting us ride on her in the old style, without a saddle! She’s very secure and calm so we all felt safe. Meanwhile, Perla was giving out rides as well, taking everyone on adventures around her houses. After we checked for eggs we sped up to the new family member, Floc the baby goat! He is only one day old but is great at walking and making friends. Bruna, Joan, Gina, Cata, Banu all got to hold him and he was very happy! After meeting everyone he decided to go back to bed, which is made of lovely will courtesy of his Uncle and Aunty sheep.

As today is pancake day in the UK, we had some great fun flipping pancakes whilst making cookies. Bruna was the first to flip the pancake successfully! We also tried them to see what we all thought. They went down well!

After baking we made our wondrous starry creations, each one completely unique and fascinating to look at. Some had big planets, some had lots of small ones, they all had one thing in common- looking spectacular!

Thanks for coming and see you all next week!

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