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Space Pictures

We zoomed to outer space, today. We went on a journey on our rocket ships to see what we could find?

We started out on planet Earth when we went to water the vegetables and fruits. Abrahem soon got used to watering the rows of vegetables and Marc watered the onions and spinach. He helped pull up the spinach and so did Alex and Arnau. Today, we planted more strawberries and lettuce. Pretty soon we should have some lovely red strawberries to eat and enjoy.

We fed the ponies today, Violetta was happy to let Sara ride about on her back. Perla gave some rides too to the children. Mae and Marc enjoyed this very much. The chickens and ducks had a treat of bread. Jan fed the ducks the bread rolls in their pond making the chickens very jealous. Aneu and Siobhan tried their best to catch one of the black chickens but they are too fast and clever, they managed to get away.

Then off we went to make our yummy space snacks of rock cakes. We put in the ingredient and left the cakes bake in a short while till they were golden coloured. We found out that they are called rock cakes because they look a bit like rocks when they have cooked. We called them space rocks or asteroids.

We read the book together ’red rockets and rainbow jelly’. We discovered what colours Nick and Sue liked they were so different yet they liked each other because they liked different things. Luca loved hearing about the pink and yellow dinosaur and the green and yellow aliens that Nick and Sue liked.

We sang the song ‘ twinkle twinkle, little star’ and managed to make twinkle star shapes with our hands and bodies. Maria did a brilliant star shape.

Next, we used paint, drawing inks and the scissors to create space pictures. The white paint looked like lots of faraway amazing twinkly stars and the ink made lots of blobs of colour. When we cut out our circle shapes these looked like the different planets or asteroids of our solar system. There were some brilliant pictures from Arsier, Maria, Txell and Gina.

At last it was time to collect our asteroid rock cakes. Yum yum!

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