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Kings day

Welcome back to another fun filled day at Casa Nostra, today has been extra special because it is also Kings Day! That means lots of things to make and activities to do.

This morning was the second time we have been planting garlic in two days. This is because of the special position of the moon which indicates the best times to plant. We made lots of holes and gave them plenty of water. Adria and Aleix also remembered the artichokes and watered them all with the hose. After Picking some lovely fresh lettuce for lunch, we also collected some weeds to feed the donkeys and ponies, who had been watching us the whole time waiting for their treat!

When we got to the animal area, we were greeted with lots of attention as we had all their favourite treats. We also found four eggs to take to the kitchen. We paid lots of attention to the chickens and ducks, spending time watching them peck away at their food and Picking them up to look at them closely. Then we gave them some more treats before getting some for the goats and sheep. Adria even picked some berries from the tree to give to them!

As today is kings day we needed some good looking home made boxes to collect our sweets. We started some scratch, cutting out the stencils that we had drawn, then securing them with glue. Then, we painted and decorated them to fit the theme of Kings. Some people drew pictures of camels, some had the desert landscape and others drew stars. Then we added some red string to hang it around our necks, we need those hands free to pick up all the goodies!

After a wonderful lunch with some vegetables from the garden, we set out to make our next step of the project, making a King. We used some products from around the home and some great imagination to make something that would impress the Kings themselves. Some had white hair, some had black hair, they were all diferent in one way or another!

We´ve also played some great blindfold games today, including blind mans buff and Bear and Honey. There was lots of laughing and great players! The day was finished by singing all our favourite songs. Judit, Aleix and Julia showed great use of English and everyone is improving as a group. Great to see!

Happy Kings Day everyone and see you again on Thursday!


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