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Planting lettuce

Today we started off by planting lettuce, the children carefully placed the lettuce in the holes. Jordi was really quick! The children got a bit muddy as they had to cover the roots ups, by patting the soil. After all the children went and planted the potatoes, they had to make sure that the eye was facing upwards in order for it to grow. Maria and Elsa planted the potatoes really well. Next, we went and collected the radish, there were some really big ones! We took the leaves off of and gave them to the donkeys and ponies. Valintine especially enjoyed them.

Sara, Julia and Judit gave Violeta a new hairdo with some lovely long plaits. She looked beautiful! Maria, Judit and Guillem collected some eggs, they had lots of fun finding them and placing them in the basket. Jordi, Guillem and Aliex had fun catching the ducks/ chickens and placing them in the shed.

After, we went and baked some sweet pizza with chocolate. The children moulded them into lots of different shapes. After, they were created we placed sugar and oil on top of them, with a sprinkling of chocolate chips. Elsa created an E, Julia had a J and Aleix created a moon.

While the sweet pizza was in the oven, it was time for the arts and crafts activity. Firstly, we had to pick some leaves from the garden, we tried to fill two baskets to the top with leaves. Then we returned back to the farm, to begin the college. The children cut and glued the leaves in to the paper. Judit created a mermaid, Elsa and Aliex created a fantastic owl. Maria and Guiellem created their own pattern, it was interesting. After we tided it was time to sing ‘5 little spotty frogs’ with actions. Sara, Aleix, Jordi, Julia and Jordi were the five frogs and took it in turns to jump into the pond. They were brilliant actors and singers.

To end the day, we went and got our sweet pizza. They smelt delicious!


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