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Planting potatoes

Hello everyone, happy new year and good to see you all back at Casa Nostra!

Today has been nice and busy, with lots of farming, fun, art, baking and singing. We’ve been so busy that we’ve hardly stopped moving! As it’s been very windy we wanted to make sure all the plants and vegetables were thoroughly watered. This is because the wind dries out the leaves. Sara did a great job of using the hose to do this, whilst Cata, Bruna and lots of others used watering cans. We also planted some new potatoes for growing. We did this by cutting the potatoes into sections and planting them facing up the right way. We filled an entire row today! We also decided that Perla and friends deserved some lovely green treats. We spent some time picking weeds, and as we all did it as a team we ended up with lots for all the animals.

We found lots of eggs with the chickens, who have been working hard to feed us in return for all the times we’ve fed them. We also raked up some hey and grass for the animals and fed it to them by hand. The goats got some of the treats too, Blanket the goat was so happy that he jumped up on two legs! We also picked some berries which they found delicious.

For our arts and craft activity we needed plenty of leaves. So many that some of us grabbed the branches of the trees and shook them off! This was a great example of resourcefulness. Then we headed in to wash our hands before our baking extravaganza.

As we’re making one of our favourites, sweet pizza, everyone promptly arrived at the kitchen with clean hands. We made our dough as a team, then made shapes and letters to represent our names, before putting it all in the oven.

Back in the classroom, we used all the leaves we had as well as some little sticks and twigs to make some fantastic animal creations. Banu made a dog fetching a stick, Bruna made an impressive lion and the rest of the group made owls. We have a room full of artists, maybe we should open a gallery!

Thanks everyone and see you next week, enjoy your sweet pizzas!


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