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Making cars

To begin the day we picked all the spinach in the vegetable garden! The children then placed the spinach in a wheelbarrow, so we could take it to the ponies and donkeys. We watered all the vegetables in the vegetable garden, it is a lot of watering! Then we picked some cauliflower and potatoes. The children had dig lots to find all the potatoes, they really enjoyed it! Maria found a really big potato!

Next, we went and saw all the animals. The ponies and donkeys really enjoyed eating all the spinach, they had a feast. Txell and David enjoyed catching the chickens, they were being really quite and sneaking. Blanca and Judit found the eggs and placed them in the basket to keep them safe.

We then started the arts and crafts of the day, which was making cars out of toilet roll. The children painted the toilet roll of their choice, then glued some wheels to it and made the door by cutting the toilet roll. The children had lots of fun creating their own car and after haad fun trying to race them.

Later in the day, all the children enjoyed played outside! Julia, Maria and judit enjoyed racing around in the cars, having a race. They enjoyed counting down from 3 to start the race. All 3 of them also climbed up library to be the queen of the castle.

After lunch, some of the children had a face paint. Txell, Blanca, Judit and Aneu were turned into a butterfly. It was a nice way to end the day!

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