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Holy Innocents Day

Today we celebrated “Holy Innocents' Day”, we had a lot of fun and excitement because all day we joked, tricked and pranked each other.

We began the day by tending to the vegetable garden we watered the vegetables and picked the lovely cauliflower and lettuce. All the cauliflower is ready to collect and eat now.

The donkeys Perla and Valentine were waiting to eat their food, we rode on Perla but Valentine was being cheeky, he did not want to let the children ride on his back. After, we went and said hello to the sheep and goats and gave them their breakfast.

After, we created “innocentada” The children drew the template of a man and then decorated it in. Then finally they used scissors to cut them out. The children had lots of fun tricking people and placing them on people’s backs. Brad seemed to get all of the “innocentada” on his back.

Later we played follow the leader, the best dancers wore the crown. We have some very good dancers who did some crazy moves. They were excellent! Also, we went to the library and Alana read Paddington Bear with Judit, Sara and Julia. They really enjoyed the story and found it very interesting.

We played and learned the dance for the ‘Hokey Cokey’, we learned the words and actions and had fun.

Siobhan had lost her key, her clock and her egg. The children did very well in helping her to find them, they looked round the whole farm and eventually found them. so now Siobhan can open her door, wake up in time and eat her egg for her breakfast.

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