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Violeta let us ride her

Today has been a festive day of highs (and one minor cookie related low) and we can’t wait to carry it all on in the new year. Here’s what happened!

Today saw the return of Brad, one of our teachers from the Summer Camp, he was very happy to meet the new group and will be here over Christmas. We have also welcomed a new teacher, Siobhan, to Casa Nostra. Siobhan is a qualified primary teacher from England with lots of experience in London and the rest of the UK, she’s had a great time meeting the group and looks forward to continuing with us!

We all watered the plants and vegetables using both the hose and watering cans. We even remembered the artichokes right at the edge of the field, and noticed we have some lovely flowers appearing on the broad beans. This means they’re almost ready! We also had a look at the garlic which is coming along nicely. We collected some spinach to take home as well.

After collecting some weeds for the animals, we headed up to the donkeys. Perla gave us lots of rides, including Joan, Judit, Bruna and Gina. We also had a first ever today, a major event… Violeta let us ride her! Sara and others had a lovely time whilst Violeta, our Shetland Pony, was very calm and happy to get her treats. She’s very strong for a small Pony!

We headed to the kitchen to make some cookies… more about that later..

After the cookies were in the oven we made some fantastic Christmassy cards. The group chose Santa Claus or a Snowman and made some really creative looking gifts to hand to family and friends. We wrote some lovely messages in English and decorated them with all our tools.

It was when we were admiring our cards that remembered the cookies!! They had been in the oven too long, the reaction was one of deep sadness but we soon moved on and went back to admiring our cards again! We also got some lovely spinach to take home as well. Merry Christmas everyone!

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