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Collecting cauliflowers

Happy Saturday everyone! Today has been a very active and creative day. Here´s what happened.

After some very thorough watering and weeding, we decided that the cauliflowers were good and ready to be picked. We chose three of the biggest, and then all worked together to pull them out. They were even big enough for everyone to take a piece home with them! The other great thing about cauliflowers is that they have huge leaves to go to Perla and her friends, the ponies and chickens. They were very happy about it. We also added some new cauliflowers to the vegetable patch, and were surprised to compare how big the old ones were compared to the new ones.

After feeding the animals their tasty leaves, some of us visited the chickens and ducks whilst others stroked and rode the donkeys. Mae, Judit, Sara, Aneu, Txell and Maria all had a great time on Perla, who was very happy to take them for a ride. Valentin ran alongside as well, hopefully he is learning how to give people rides from his mum. We also got to meet a new member of the farm family, a brand new duckling who arrived yesterday. We helped to feed him and give him water and everyone got to stroke and hold him. We also took some food to the goats and sheep, who are always very happy to see us and the food. We even managed to catch a sheep so we could all look at it´s thick winter wool.

After our time with the animals we washed our hands and had some morning snacks. Then, we headed to the outdoor kitchen to make some fantastic home made pizzas. We used olives, cheese, homemade tomato sauce, sweetcorn and herbs to make some pizzas that wouldn´t be out of place in the best restaurants. After putting them in the oven, we headed back to the classroom.

Today we made some brilliant farm animal creations- pigs and ducks, using paint, pencils, glue, goggly eyes and pens. We used stencils to make the different shapes as well, and as you can see we have some great artists amongst us! They dried by the cosy fir whilst we had a play outside on all the different activities, working up an appetite for lunch. When they were ready, we took our pizzas out and either had a taste or wrapped them up in foil for later. A delicious and well deserved treat for a fun filled day at the farm school!

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