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Snakes and Ladders

This afternoon has been actionpacked, with singing, playing and planting, everyone left tired out and with a smile on their face.

We had two vegetables to plant today, radish and the last of the garlic. We gave the radish a good sprinkle, and now our radish patch is finished, protected with string and ready to get growing. The garlic cloves were fit snugly into their holes and were watered to give them a kick start, as well as being nicely covered with soil. We made sure everything was healthily watered before heading up to the animals.

Aleix was very lucky today. This was because he had the rare privelage of having a ride on Valentin, our young donkey. Valentin had a good run with Aleix on top, and with Jordi´s help he managed to stay on the whole time. We also had lots of other riders that went on the much more professional Perla, Valentin´s mum. Some people went together, like Maria and Elsa. We also had a look at the chickens and checked for eggs, then took a nice big bunch of feed up to the goats and sheep. They were very happy, and we also got a chance to give one of the sheep a big hug and feel how soft and smooth her wool is. It´s not often you get to hug a sheep but it´s definitely recommended!

After washing our hands we began todays bake, which was a delicious cookie mixture. We took care in adding the right amount of ingredients, making sure the measurements were correct and mixing them all together. Then we used the letters to shape the cookies in our initials. We also decorated them with chocolate chips, some using more than others. In the oven they went!

We learnt the song ´Five Speckled Frogs´today, along with a great video to help, using our new projectore system. The song is very catchy, and reading the words helped us learn it really well. We even managed to sing it after when collecting the cookies, but not until we had finished our great game of Snakes and Ladders first. The whole group was involved in thegame and used our counting skills to get to the top of the board. Everyone worked really well together, taking turns at the right time and waiting for others to have thei go first. In the end, Judit was the winner, although lots of others came close!

Thanks again and see you next week, enjoy your cookies!

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