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Baking cookies

Hello again and welcome back to Casa Nostra! Today has been a day of fantàstic fun and games, everyone has joined in and had a great time, including our new friends Gina and Cata.

We started by watering every plant on the farm. This task is getting bigger and bigger, but our strong farmers are getting better and better at doing it. They know each vegetable to water, where it is and how to water it. Even the artichokes right on the edge! After we were done with maintenance, we planted some radish seeds. These are quite simple and fun to plant, you take a handful and throw them out accross the soil. The trick is to spread them out evenly, the group did a great job. Banu was very keen to plant more and more, she´ll get the chance to do so next week!

Afterwards, we were keen to give Perla a treat and see if she wanted to give people rides, she loved the treats and gave us rides in return! Guillem got lots of treats, filling his Basket with grass and weeds and making sures he and the other animals got to eat some. Looking at the chickens and ducks was grat fun, the group are brave and are not scared of them, everyone is willing to pick them up to have a look or at least stroke them. Joanna showed us her riding skills, taking Perla all around the track and everyone who wanted to had a turn to ride. After feeding and having a runa round with the goats and sheep, we headed to the kitchen to bake some scrumptious snacks.

Cookioes were on the menu today, and everyone was very excited. We took turns adding all the ingredients before using the letter stamps to make moulds based on names. We had a great time learning letters. Each cookie was unique so we remembered who´s was who´s.

After putting our cookies safely in the oven, we had some great fun using numbers and paterns playing Snakes and Ladders, as well as the stick collection game. Guillem and Judit were very close to having a draw, and in the end Guillem only just won. We also sang the song ´five speckled frogs´, whilst watching a vídeo to help us sing.

The day ended by everyone collecting their cookies to either take away or taste on the spot. A deserving treat for all our hard working, fun farmers!

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