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Muffins's day

Today was a really enjoyable day here at Casa Nostra, where we had lots of fun! First of all we watered all the plants, we have to water lots now that we´ve planted lots of vegetables! Joan enjoyed making puddles with the water from the watering can! Bruna went and collected the last of the green beans, there were some really big ones. After, all the children peeled the garlic and enjoyed counting and smelling the gloves. After, we made holes in the soil and Guillem enjoyed helping. Once the holes had been made all the children took a clove of garlic and placed it into the ground. They were really quick at planting the garlic, especially Joanna.

We then went and said hello to all the animals. Sergi and Banu are excellent at catching the chickens. Once they caught the chickens they would let all the other children stroke them, they were really soft. Perla also gave a donkey ride to the children, Valentine likes following Perla so he gets food too. I think he wants to give the children a donkey ride too!

After the animals, all the children helped measure the ingredients for muffins. All the children were really good helpers. Whilst the muffins were cooking, we started our arts and crafts activity for the day. Today we used plasticise of all different colours to make animals. The children rolled, squeezed and moulded the plasticise to make fantastic animals. Bruna and Banu made a pig, Guillem made a snake and Judit and Sara made a tiger. All the children worked really hard which resulted in their animals being fantastic!

Towards the end of the evening, we read the story ´The Princess and The Frog´. The children enjoyed making frog noises and after the story they even hopped around like a frog! Once the story had finished, we wondered to the outside kitchen to eat our muffins. They were delicious!

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