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Planting garlic

Happy Saturday everyone and welcome back to Casa Nostra!

Today we have planted a vegetable that we haven´t planted for a long time: Garlic! We started by peeling each garlic and putting the cloves into a basket. Then we made holes along two lines for planting, and carefully placed a clove in each one before covering it up. Soon we´ll have lots of garlic, plenty for everyone to take some home!

After the Garlic, we spent a lot of time with the chickens and donkeys. We have some very brave children, which when combined with the very relaxed Perla makes some great riding. We also picked up chickens and held them for the other children to stroke and look at. We checked but there were no eggs today, perhaps it´s too cold!

We always pop up to see the goats and today was no exception. We also took them a nice bunch of hay to eat. Blanquet was very pleased! Afterwards, we went to the kitchen to make a delicious batch of nutella. It´s very simple to make and is delicious to taste, as well as being simple to get all over your face!

We washed up and made some more creations out of household items- pigs, ducks and chickens. Everyone looked unique and colorful, and the parents were impressed when seeing them upon arrival! The group has also been very good at tidying up after themselves, which is very helpful.

A story about little red riding hood, although sometimes a bit frightening, was a fantastic story to end the day. We´ve had a great time and can´t wait for the new activities next week!

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