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Delicious Nutella

Hello again and welcome back to Casa Nostra! Today has been fantastically farm themed and fun, leading to a very entertaining and informative Tuesday.

As we are now some of the best farmers in Mataro, the group knew that they needed to water all the plants and vegetables straight away. We had a look at all the plants that are growing thanks to everyone help- the Spinach, Potatoes, beans and peas, and then went on to plant some more. We did a whole row and a half of peas and everyone knew to put two in each hole before covering it nicely. We also inspected the fruit trees and discovered some peculiar looking mushrooms, all different shapes and sizes.

After the farming we each rode Perla and stroked Valentine and the Ponies. We also fed them some nice treats with the new food that´s good for the animals digestion, the group learnt the difference between this food and the chickens before feeding them as well.

After feeding the goats some lovely fresh hay, we headed down to the classroom to start our terrifically tubular animal creations. We used cardboard tubes, pipe cleaner wire, buttons and paint to make some really cute looking pigs and ducks. These looked fantastic when they were finished and everyone got to take some home.

Whilst waiting for the paint to dry on these masterpieces, we made some delicious Nutella from scratch. Using the ingredients and all the tools needed, we made a delicious fresh mix, ending in a full jar for each person to take home. Everyone agreed that it was superior to the one in the shops!

Thanks again for an enjoyable day, we can´t wait to be back next week!

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