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Apple sauce

What a beautiful day today at the farm school! we had fun planting spinach seeds and brocolli today. Everyone helped to dig holes and then watered all the plants afterwards. When we were picking beans today Jordi found lots of caterpillars! Luca and Arnau then found a huge green caterpillar, we have never seen a caterpillar so big! We did some weeding and fed the weeds to Estrella and Violeta.

After our visit to the animals where everybody got to ride Perla, it was time to pick the last of apples and peel them to make some apple sauce. The children did very well, especially Asier and they all went home with a tasty pot of apple sauce to share with their families.

We had a lovely time at the library today where children chose a book to read in the sun. The Peppa Pig books were especially popular today! Mae and Gina love sitting and looking at the lovely books that we have!

The children then learned how to make sweet pizza, Àneu and Txell enjoyed measuring out the ingredients and making sure we didn't forget anything! David loved rolling out the dough and spreading olive oil and sugar on the top. A very tasty treat at home time today! Looking forward to next week!

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