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Broadbeans and sweet pizza

Eventhough It´s been a rainy day we still had lots of fun! We managed to plant some more peas and broad beans, Bruna enjoyed counting the peas. Also, all the children went and looked at the beans we planted in the summer to see how big they had grown. They´re really big! After, we went and said hello to Peppa the new pig as it was the first time they got to meet her. Peppa was sound asleep but the children still enjoyed going to see her, especially Guillem.

Then we made sweet pizza. The children helped measure and put all the ingredients in a bowl. Then the children got to roll out the dough and create whatever shape they liked, Bruna made the letter B. To finish the sweet pizza off, the children spread olive oil and sugar onto the dough. Joan really enjoyed sprinkling the sugar on top of the dough!

The arts and crafts activity was to make an Autumn tree. They collected leaves of different colours and glued them onto the paper. Then we sang a song about Autumn leaves falling down. We also sang the song Old McDonaldsHad A Farm and the Rainbow song.

We never let the rain stop us from having fun here at Casa Nostra and we cant wait to see what next week has in Store

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