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Peppa Pig

What an exciting day at the farm school today! We were busily weeding in the garden when a very special new arrival came to live in Granja Escola. There was great excitement as a very special pig came out of the trailor. We have named her Peppa. She is very friendly and the children enjoyed trying to pet her. Aleix was very thoughtful and brought her a big bowl of water as he was sure she would be thirsty after her journey to the farm. All the other animals seemed shocked to see her at first but they settled quickly.

We had to rush back to the garden as the plants needed to be watered, which is Elsa´s favourite job! We noticed that the spinach and swiss chard have grown a lot since we planted them last week and Guillem and Elsa picked the last of the peppers. All of the weeds were fed to Perla, Valentine, Violeta and Estrella and even Peppa had some, they must have been hungry! Maria collected 4 eggs today and very carefully put them in her Basket. After a quick visit to the goats and sheep we had a play in the garden before going inside to do our beautiful flower art work. The children learned lots of new words including flower, leaves and stem. They loved painting their hands! We paid particular attention to the colours today and learned ‘the rainbow song’ which we sang whilst colouring in the rainbow.

Some spectacular pictures of Peppa were drawn, especially Guillem and Alexi who are experts at drawing pigs!

Lots of fun was had today and we cant wait for next week!

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