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Ocean theme week

It´s ocean week here at casa nostra, where the children will be doing lots of fun activities about under the sea! This morning saw the arrival of a brand new red racing car, which the children had a fantastic time watching Jordi make it and transform it into a racing car! The children couldn´t wait to have a go racing the car around the garden to see who was the fastest. Aitana was very fast!

After, the children took a srtoll to the vegetable garden with Josh where they watered the tomotos and peppers and also picked some tomatos. Leo and Maria had a fantastic time pushing the wheelbarrow with all the vegetables in. Some of the fresh tomatos were used for todays salad, they were very tasty! Also, some of the children incuding Aina, Txell, and Lucia had an excellent time decorating there own fish my cutting and sticking coloured paper to their paper fish. Some of the older children enjoyed playing a game of Monoply with Brad, Judit Sara really enjoyed playing the game.

After lunch, most of the children went to the library where they read lots of books, Mae enjoyed reading Toy Story! Also, the children enjoyed having their face painted where they were transformed into many things. Adrianna was a monster, Laia was a butterfly and Lucia was a tiger. Lucia had great time running around the garden pretending to be a tiger and scaring everybody!

To end the day, the children enjoyed having a slice or two of Marias tasty homemade cake! It was a perfect way to end a fun filled Monday. See you tomorrow for more ocean madness!

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