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Olympic Sports Treasure Hunt

Today we have thoroughly enjoyed having the sun back shining on us here at Casa Nostra for our Olympic themed week. After we had been and said “Good Morning!” to the chicks and ducklings and given them lots of hugs, we went into the vegetable garden and collected lots of tomatoes and other vegetables. Then it was time to participate in our first Olympic races of the day - potato and spoon, obstacle race and circuits. Mario and Lucas were super fast - proudly winning their team lots of points. Well done the Blues! To help us get into the Olympic team spirit, we even had a go at painting team coloured mascots on each other´s faces. We were so happy to share a refreshing homemade lemonade and breakfast snack after that, as well as rest up a little bit before our next Olympic activity.

Our next fun activity, was our Olympic Sports Treasure Hunt. We were brilliant super sleuths finding all the different sporting pictures and in no time at all, we had found our treasure - delicious ice lollies! Whilst some of us went for a quick swim, some of us carried on exercising by jumping on the trampoline, climbing up the castle and playing on the swings and slide. There´s simply no stopping us!

After lunch, the Green Team charged into the lead of our Casa Nostra Olympics and are now top of our leader board. Will they manage to hold this position tomorrow, or will the Black or the Blue Team manage to oust them from this enviable position?

Alongside all this Olympic fun, we´ve enjoyed reading more English pop-up story books, Marti especially loved “The Three Little Pigs” and requested that we read it a total of three times! He´s very good at helping Cat to do the Wolf´s voice!!

Some children have definitely caught the face painting bug and decided that they wanted different pictures to those of their team mascots painted this morning. We´ve had butterflies, flowers, ghosts, dinosaurs, shooting star rainbows and spiderman to name but a few!

Luna and Frida were very reluctant to say goodbye to the animals this evening, and are already really excited about saying hello to them again in the morning. We too are looking forward to seeing you all again tomorrow.

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