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Face painting extravaganza

Our last dinosaur themed day at Casa Nostra and we´ve been crazy busy finishing off all our fun dinosaur craft activities. Aniol traced a fantastic drawing of a super scary T-Rex - yikes! Iona has been extremely busy making more baby dinosaurs hatching from eggs too. Amidst all the dinosaur mayhem, we´ve given the plants in the vegetable garden an exceptionally good watering with it being so hot and also picked lots of tomates, along with a few peppers and aubergines. Pau was our champion tomato picker today and can´t wait to take them home to show his family. A farmer´s work is never done - so with Brad´s help, the children have fed the donkeys, sheep, goats and chickens. David and the younger children really enjoyed playing with the chickens in the hen coop too. I think the cens will reallmiss their new found friends next week... Cat has had great fun playing our new favourite game: "1, 2, 3, sit and bounce," on the trampoline. It´s incredible how high Jaime can fly when we play this game - it´s as if he has wings! To finish off the day, we´ve held a face painting extravaganza! Nobody wanted to be a dinosaur but we did have lots of pirates, a vampire and a rainbow girl. They looked terrífic. We´ve said lots of goodbyes today here at Casa Nostra and would like to wish everybody a happy holidays!

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