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Dinosaur Iced Cakes

To go with our Casa-Nostra-Saurus that we made using hand prints yesterday, we started the day by constructing pasta bone dinosaur skeletons which we then had fun painting in bright colours. We even made a large group one which we have stuck on our outside classroom wall for everyone to admire. Make sure you come and have a look at it tomorrow morning!

The older children worked hard to make fabulous chunky potato dinosaur models and then added a few more layers to their papier mache dinosaur eggs. Fingers crossed they´ll be dry by tomorrow so that we can paint them…

In order to have enough green peppers for Maria to make a nutritious lentil salad for lunch, the children then went on an expedition to pick a plentiful supply. David, Jordi and Sergi were today´s star vegetable pickers - well done!

As well as getting crafty, we have had a great time splashing in both the big and the baby pools today. Jaime, Judit and Iona swam like dolphins - through hula hoops, catching balls and throwing frisbees. They were amazing.

With it being dinosaur week, we decided to make dinosaur-shaped cakes which we stylishly iced and then ate at the end of the day - yum!

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