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Castle Library, opening ceremony

Today has been such an exciting day at Casa Nostra! Overnight, our castle had been transformed into an amazing library - filled with fantastic books for us to read and enjoy! Immediately after we had perused the book shelves, we set to, making a special sign to decorate the outside of our fabulous new library and this afternoon, had an official opening ceremony. Iona was given the fun job of cutting the ribbon and everybody cheered! We´re really looking forward to sitting down in our castle library and entering into the magical worlds contained inside of each of the books.

The girls at Casa Nostra also had a great time having weaves put into their hair and then even more fun learning how to put them in their friends´ hair. Banu ended up with three and looked stunning.

Aside from this, we´ve been busy picking pears to eat, collected eggs and continued to help with the building of the cow shelter. To satisfy the hungry appetites we worked up from all of us this hard work, we made delicious chocolate muffins which were really tasty. However, the best bit was definitely licking the mix out of the bowl! Yummy!

Whilst some children cooled down in the pool, Bruno and Maria had a competition to see who could make the tallest donut hat for Karen - it was a draw!

Tomorrow we´re looking forward to finishing off the pinata we started to make this afternoon, and more importantly, trying to knock the sweets out of it of course!

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