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Zoom balls

Today, we started off the day by making zoom balls, an exciting gadget made with recycled bottles and string. All the children enjoyed watching the bottle rush from one end to the other, racing each other. As well as this, we made KAPOW and SMASH rings and bracelets that the children wore and used to be superheroes.

After some breakfast to recharge afterout busy morning, we played some pin the cape on the superhero! After a couple of turns each, one child was crowned the winner, Chloe, with Ariadna being a close second! Cat took the older children to the shops to get some more supplies to make some pinatas, as we had so much fun last week!

When they returned, a quick dip in the pool was necessary of course, as well as a trip to feed the resident dogs, Duna and Fog. A qucik trip to visit Valentin and Perle, of course! Next saw the children having their faces painted ready to give a play to the others!

The children played a quick game of football while some of the younger boys played frisbee with Seren. After everyone had cooled down with some lemonade, it was time to bake some scones with the children. they had such a great time making them but even more of a great time eating them with some homemade peach jam!

We begin making a pinate, laying paper onto a big balloon ready to fill with sweets in a couple of days. As you can imagine, the children were more than happy to help with this, especially Adriana, Bruno and Ariadna! Overall, a very busy day for us all here at Casa Nostra, and despite the immense heat, we had a brilliant day.

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