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Clay lizards

Today has just flown by, and it´s hard to believe how much we´ve managed to cram into one action-packed day at Casa Nostra! The Pom Pom craziness has continued, cute boxes were even made to house the Pom Pom pets the children made. Riding our animal-themed wave, the younger children continued to make fabulous paper parrots, ornately decorated with brightly coloured feathers. Some children even turned their artistic talents to sculpting clay lizards which we left to bake in the sun for the rest of the day, ready for us to paint perhaps next week.

The older children had a great time watering the plants in the vegetable garden. They definitely got more water on each other than the plants though - good times! The younger children explored a different part of Casa Nostra today, in order to collect delicious ripe plums to enjoy at home. Eggs too were collected and used by Maria to make her popular Spanish Omelettes for lunch. To make sure that the dogs didn´t feel left out, a good few children visited them and enjoyed playing with them.

All of the children loved listening to Maria´s Dad´s stories today. They sat mesmerized listening to his tales and even told a few themselves.

This afternoon, not only have we had an amazing time playing, as well as chilling, in the swimming pool but we´ve built more of the animal shelter out of mud bricks. The children have had great fun having their faces painted as clowns, pirates, witches, butterflies and flowers. They finished the day by dressing up and putting on a performance of their very own show.

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