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Planting lettuce, courgettes and broccoli

Today at Casa Nostra the oldest children went to the vegetable garden to plant lettuce, courgettes and broccoli! They were so excited they went down straight away and luckily for us they did a very good job. Firstly they had to dig holes in the soil, then they had to plant the plants very carefully, and ensure they were all spaced far enough away from each other. Finally, they watered the plants to make sure they all grow big, delicious vegetables.

After all of the hard work in the vegetable garden, the older children had a lovely treat and went to the park where they loved playing on the roundabout and zipwire.

Whilst all of this was going on, the younger children had a brilliant morning making lots of crafts. Some made animal masks out of paper plates, glitter and paint, whilst other children finished off their papermache balls. When the papermache balls were complete, we decorated them with paints and glitter to make very beautiful fish. The children finished them off with colouring in the fins for the fish with different coloured pencils.