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New baby piglet

Today the younger children started off their day with baking biscuits. They all helped measure and mix the ingredients. While the older children picked some potatoes and beans in the vegetable garden.

We then went to our vegetable garden and watered all the plants and we collected some potatoes and peppers. And the older children visited the new piglet we all enjoyed holding her and and meeting her.

We visited all our animals there was great excitement to visit our new baby piglet. We went to see the sheep, the ducks, the chicks and we brushed perla. While the older children baked cookies .

It was such a nice and sunny day today so we all decided to go to the swimming pool for a swim.

The younger children came inside and we drew pictures of our favorite animals and afterwards they were read lovely stories such as monkey puzzles and we sang songs together. While the older children played games in the garden such as domino.

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