The anatomy of life!

EARLY YEARS This week we have had some wonderful moments together. We enjoyed visiting the library and playing in the train at the playground in the town. We noticed the colours of the cars along the way and counted them. When we arrived back to school, we made trains and cars from reusable materials and played with them together. The children enjoy making cakes from playdough and singing, ‘Happy Birthday’ to each other. So we now have a Numeracy activity where the children make the correct number of candles for a cake from playdough. In Topic Time, we listened to the Diwali story of Rama and Sita. The children then made masks to act out the characters, which they really enjoyed. We are also

Diwali & Colacao

Early years This week the Ants class went to the library and also to the playground. We really enjoyed the walk and we took the opportunity to collect some sticks to make sparklers in our Diwali art activity! We also did some ‘henna’ painting on each others’ hands, which was a nice way to practice partner work and kind interaction. This is what we are continuing to learn in, 'Kind Hands, Kind Feet, Kind Words in PSED. We had fun printing our feet with paint and also did a fine motor skills activity combined with Cooking, in which we made pizzas! The children spent time preparing and choosing ingredients to make a topping for their pizza bases and were amazed when they came out of the oven. P

Let's Celebrate

Early years We had a great week! Our topic for this half term is, 'Let's Celebrate’ and for November we are learning about Diwali, the Hindu New Year or ‘Festival of Light’. It is very interesting as there are such things as candles, fireworks, rangoli patterns and henna to explore and we have enjoyed creating colourful candles and artwork using different media. Our theme for PSED is, 'Kind Hands, Kind Feet and Kind Words. We have been doing activities and singing songs to forge our friendships. We are learning about using our bodies and words kindly with each other. PRIMARY In Primary this week we have been thinking about the information we find written around us on notices and posters. We

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