Climate change

This week in Maths, the year 1 and 2s have been learning about money. They compared different amounts using the smaller than and greater than symbols (< and >), counted out different amounts and completed problems with different notes and coins. The children have been writing about different settings using adjectives. Some children named things they could see in the settings, others used adjectives to describe and some children wrote sentences. For Golden Time, the children went to the fountain in their swimming costumes and had a fun afternoon splashing in the water. The older children began the week learning how to identify fractions in shapes. Later in the week we enhanced this idea

Visit to the Art Museum

This week in Maths, the EYFS children have been learning to recognise amounts by sight. They have also been estimating with larger amounts as well as practising their individual targets such as learning numbers up to 10/20/100 and learning to recognise and write numbers. Some of the children are still practising counting and saying one number as they touch one object. Please continue to do this at home when walking up the steps, counting vegetables or any other daily activity! In Years 1 and 2 we have been learning about multiplication and division, what it looks like using arrays and how to solve more difficult problems including word problem. On Wednesday we had our school trip to the a

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