Fruit trees

This week, the Year 1 and 2 children have been completing assessments to help us to understand what their areas of strengths are and what we need to practise for the last few weeks of school. On Wednesday, we headed to the farm where we looked at all of the different fruit trees and described them. We had to hunt for each one and identify them on our list. We also fed the animals, planted some onions and had a chance to collect some potatoes to take home. We then headed to the beach and paddled in the sea which was great fun! In the afternoon, we had our final presentation of projects of the year. We also had the opportunity to go to the auditorium to practise for the Annie production. W

Pompeii's volcano

In Maths, the Year 1 and 2s have been solving difficult addition and subtraction problems including problems with numbers over 20. They used dienes blocks to solve them and some children are able to use their knowledge of place value to solve them in their heads. Some of our youngest children have been learning numbers up to 30, learning one more and one less and also how to add and subtract using blocks. In English, our Year 1s and 2s have been learning how to write in the past tense by learning the different rules such as -ed and irregular verbs. They will use this to help them to write their own diary entries based on our class story The Journey. We have continued learning about Vincen

Art topic: Starry Night

This week, the year 1 and 2s finished their report writing all about electricity. They put all of their writing, pictures and captions together and thought about the layout. We have begun our new topic which is diary writing. We explored the story The Journey, with the whole class including EYFS. It has no words so we had to make our own by looking at the pictures! In Maths, we have been problem solving using our knowledge of place value. The children enjoyed completing missing number sentences using their knowledge of number bonds to 20. We have been learning about Van Gogh for our Art topic. We read Katie and the Starry Night and created our own starry night pictures! We will look at Kat

Synonym flowers

This week in English, the children have been writing their non-fiction reports about electricity. They have been writing them in neat with pictures, captions and labels and will be thinking about the layout of their reports before it goes up on display. We have begun learning about Van Gogh this week. Did you know that he painted around 2000 paintings but only sold one whilst he was alive? We looked at and discussed his most popular pictures and talked about which one we liked the most. Vincent Van Gogh used to paint pictures of things he saw in his dreams so we had a go at doing some pictures of our dreams too! Next week we will continue with this theme and eventually paint our own ‘Starry

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