Consonants clusters

This week, we have been continuing our work with consonant clusters, for example words ending with two consonants. The children sometimes find it difficult to hear both consonants but we are working hard and are starting to hear and write them both. Example words are: kept, left, jump We’ve finally finished writing all of our information about ants and will make a class book for everyone to read! In Maths, we have been exploring 2d shapes and have begun to plot and draw some simple polygons such as rectangles, squares and triangles. It’s important we know how many sides and vertices each have and the differences between them in order to draw them. On Thursday, we spent a day at the far

Measuring and estimating

This week, we have been learning about consonant blends. Some words end with two consonants which makes it difficult for us to hear for example kept, jump, left. We practised saying, hearing and writing words with these sounds and we did brilliantly! We will continue with this next week. We’ve also been reviewing our phase 3 sounds on a daily basis and our tricky words. In Maths, we used rulers carefully to measure small objects and metre sticks to measure larger objects/ distances. The children in Early Years used cubes to measure and we have also been focusing on estimating before we measure. Next week, we will be talking about 2d shapes. As the weather was so lovely on Thursday, we we

Ants, poems, and Carnival

This week in English, the children have been learning all about ants! These incredible insects are super strong and some of them have superhero traits! We can tell you all sorts of amazing facts about them. We will put these facts into our own class book soon. In Phonics, we have been learning to write two syllable words. We focussed on words that end with ‘ing’ towards the end of the week. The youngest children have continued learning their single letter sounds and have been working on blending sounds to make simple words. In Maths, we have been learning all about height and length. We used non - standard measurements to measure objects around the classroom. We are learning to use big

Evolution and inheritance

This week in English, the children have been finishing their stories and typing them up. They have had to think carefully about their capital letters in order to type their stories. They also learnt about what a question mark is, how to write it and how to use it in a sentence. They were all really good at coming up with questions and we will continue with this next week in addition to learning about exclamation marks. In Maths, we spent the week consolidating knowledge of number by solving problems involving reasoning and ordering numbers. We will begin our unit on height and length next week beginning with how tall everybody in the class is! We begun our science unit all about every day

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