Medieval Topic

This week in English, the children have been planning the beginning, middle and end to their stories. They wrote the beginning using conjunctions, adjectives and detail to interest the reader. They will continue with their stories next week. In Maths, they have been continuing to count in tens and recognise numbers up to 40 (some children even know their numbers up to 100 now!). We used the symbols < and > to compare numbers. We talked about how they are a bit like a hungry dragon’s mouth; the dragon would want to eat the larger number so we would write it like this: 68 < 79. For our presentation on Friday, we shared our learning on the Medieval topic, talking about the castles we made and u

Decimals and percentages

This week in English, we have been discussing story structures (beginning, middle and end) and planning our own stories in preparation for St George's Day where we will make a school book of stories. So far, we have drawn and described a good character, a bad character and the setting. We will look in more detail at how our stories will be structured next week. In Maths, we have been consolidating our knowledge of place value, using dienes to represent numbers, writing numbers in numerals and words and counting forwards from any given number. We are getting much better at counting in tens. We have been learning about the medieval times ready for our trip to the History Museum next Tuesday. W

Water purification center

The first week back at school after Christmas has meant lots of new changes! The biggest change of all being that the Year 1/2s (and sometimes the reception children) have been making the most out of our upstairs classrooms, learning Phonics, Maths and English in a more focused way. The Year 1/2s have been consolidating their learning of digraphs by learning an action to go with each, practising writing tricky words and also using capital letters for names and to begin sentences. They have been learning the difference between a sound, word and sentence. They have also been using all of these skills to write about their Christmas holidays using adjectives to describe. In Maths, they have be

Christmas Performance

This week, the young children have been completing lots of Christmas activities! Our Maths has been consolidationg our prior knowledge through Christmas themed activities and in Phonics, we have been reading and writing Christmas sentences. The older children began the week by looking at how Christmas is celebrated around the world. We also made lots of Christmas decorations for our play. We all baked cookies and made special Christmas boxes to take them home in and we decorated our salt dough with Cynthia and Katie's grandma (a huge thank you to both) On Tuesday was our Christmas Performance and it went brilliantly! Check out the show on You Tube. On Friday, we played party games and had a

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