Presentation of Projects November

This week the older children have been continuing to use different methods for adding, multiplying and dividing fractions, as well as simplifying other fractions. In Literacy, we studied poems by the poet Pie Corbett, who uses repetition and similes to describe different themes. We all wrote two verses each for a class poem using the same repetition techniques as Pie Corbett. Later in the week, we were solving "What Am I?" riddles and had a lot of fun creating our own. We also began learning a new song, Launch Party, to be included in our end of year Christmas performance. Finally, I'd like to say a huge well done to all the children for their excellent presentation of their learning from t

Homo Sapiens

The older children began the week in exciting fashion by visiting the local police station in Llinars. They spoke to police officers and even had a look in one of the holding cells! In Literacy, we finished off our Monster Poems and began looking at the differences between structured and free verse poems in preparation for next week's lessons. We continued working on geometry in our Maths lessons by investigating area, as well as perimeters of compound shapes. We also thoroughly enjoyed our trip to the Science museum on Wednesday. Finally, we have been completing our projects on Antarctica for our Geography lessons during the week. This week in English, the children have been learning how to

Some poetry

This week in English, the children continued their learning about instructions. They learnt how to be 'bossy' in order to use 'bossy' (imperative) verbs such as go, put, say, cut etc. which tell people what to do. This culminated in a sandwich making lesson where children had to use these verbs to explain to me how to make a sandwich before carrying out their instructions and making their own sandwiches! After this, they wrote down their instructions in their writing books using their phonic knowledge learnt so far including tricky words. They really worked hard on this piece of work and it was a proud moment to see their completed written pieces. In Maths, the year ones and twos continued l


This week, we celebrated Halloween! Prior to the day, we made decorations and hung them in the classroom ready for our big celebration. On the day, we baked biscuits and decorated them including Halloween shapes and witches' fingers! We had so much fun making and then eating them and all the older children were really helpful supporting the younger children; big thank you to them all! Later that day, we headed to the swimming pool for our weekly lesson where we discovered that the changing room corridor had been transformed into a spooky Halloween scene! The afternoon involved lots of fun Halloween games including pin the bone on the skeleton and wink murder. We also welcomed a new additio

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