Presentation of Projects October

It's been another lovely week with lots of exciting activities. In English, we continued rehearsing for our presentation using Talk for Writing techniques. In Phonics we have been learning a number of tricky words. A tricky word is a word that you can't sound out so unfortunately, you just have to remember it! We have practised reading and writing them, played tricky word bingo and completed word searches to help us. At home, please help us to learn the following words: I Go Into To The Be We She He In Maths, we have been learning how to add and subtract using a variety of methods including concrete resources, pictorial representations (e.g. Crossing out to subtract) and counting

Writing strategies

Last week was only a three day week. We continued our learning in all areas of the curriculum and we went on our first trip to the swimming pool! We were very excited to start swimming lessons and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. This week, we welcomed three new members to our class: Leah, Eva and Elias. In English, We have been writing a recount about our swimming lesson and using Talk for Writing strategies including pictures and actions to help us recite it. In Maths, we continued learning how to add using pictures to help us and we looked at different ways to subtract. We used concrete resources to subtract then moved on to pictorial representations and we also looked at counting backwards

Positive and negative numbers

This week, the younger children welcomed a new member of the class: Carla! Lots of children already knew her from last year and so were very excited to have her back in their class. She has settled well into school and is a welcome addition to the school. In English, we continued learning about Goldilocks, describing characters from the story, listening carefully to the story and completing a checklist when we heard words such as 'porridge', 'mummy bear' and 'small chair'. The week culminated in a trip to the park with our teddies for a teddy bear's picnic. In Maths, we have been learning to count in twos. This is a useful skill because it means we can count items much quicker! We did this u

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