Peak at the globe

Class 1 started the day with outdoors activities related to colors and numbers. Then theypicked lettuce in the garden and had a nice breakfast on the sun. They made a nice dough in advance to raise and baked savory and sweet pizzas. This wonderful morning finished with a paint crafting about days and nights vocabularies. Class 2 had the shapes theme, they started the day with dictation of coloring in with different shapes (for example the teacher asked them to color the circle blue then the triangle red...) Aina and Alex did a great job in this activity. After that they played Simon says in the garden everybody enjoyed it a lot. They sang some songs and after picking lettuce and visiting ani

Day and night

Today the youngsters headed to the farm to collect themselves some green, leafy lettuce! Julietta is well adapted and contributing well to the class. After they said a loving hello to our furry friends, they got down to some crafts in the classroom, learning to separate day and night by painting a starry night sky and a gorgeous sunny day! Bernat completed it all in his own, and did a wonderful job! Last of all they all headed over to the kitchen they got their hands nice and sticky by rustling up a delicious flapjack! Today in class 3 the kids had a look at a globe, and indentified countries that they recognised. The boys seemed to know a lot of countries through their love for football;

Tasty granola bars

Class 1: Many children and parents attended our extra-curricular group today! It was a great opportunity for them all to learn on the farm together in the afternoon sunshine.Everybody had lots of fun making British-style Flapjacks using oats, butter, jam and chocolate. We each had our own bowl of ingredients to stir to then create a flapjack to bake in the oven. After, we introduced everybody to 'night and day' and got creative with the moon, sun ad stars! Biel enjoyed painting different shades of blue and sprinkling glitter all over in order to create stars in the sky. We used cotton wool as clouds and yellow card to create the sun and the moon. This activity helped to contribute to the you

Sant Jordi dragon

This morning class 1 began class by discussing seasons and describing how each season looked and how the weather changed. We reinforced what we discussed by completing season and weather coloring pages. We focused on the colors you see each season. We left the classroom and described today's weather and the colors we saw outside in correspondence to the spring season. We collected beans and taught the kids how to eat them. We later treated them to cinnamon cookies. In the class we continued with our season theme and painted a tree for each season. The class traced their own hands to create the trunk and used their fingers to paint leaves. They did very well remembering the colors for each se

Traveling around the world

In the youngest class today, the little farmers headed to the garden to pick the last of the artichoke. They were all extremely excited, we think they like this vegetable! Afterwards, the children headed to the donkeys... finally overcoming a fear to feed them properly; by holding their hands out. Well done guys! Throughout the class, the teachers focused on senses, continuously smelling and feeling their way around the school. They loved the scent of their cinnamon and coconut cookies that they cooked! Back in the classroom, the team got stuck into some colour blending; using their hand prints as trees and resembling the different seasons with different colours! Today in class 3, we were

All about me

Today class 1 revisited the seasons. They explored outside and pointed out the sky and described how it changed throughout the year as well as the trees, plants, and crops. They picked artichokes and said hello to all the animals. In the kitchen they cooked warm cinnamon cookies, Biel was extra helpful today! Back in class they went over how trees change throughout the seasons. The kids traced their hands to make tree trunks and painted around them for each season. They painted snowy trees in the winter, blooming flower trees in the spring, lush green trees in the summer, and red and yellow falling leaves in the autumn. The kids were very excited to trace themselves and use paints. It was a

Easter camp

The oldest class of the week had a busy time crafting, singing, and exploring all corners of the farm. On Monday, we began with a song to introduce ourselves and become familiar with eachothers names. The team were a little shy at first but soon their characters started to shine and their friendships grew! We carried on singing the song throughout the week, and once they knew all of the words, they worked on their own dance moves! In the classroom, Everybody made a British passport, they all worked hard to fill in information about themselves (including a personal description!), Jauma was really enthusiastic to write well and learn new words to describe himself. Following on from this we al

Little Chicks

Class 1 made Easter cards for the parents! They used yellow paint to finger paint little chicks with their thumbs! It was Martina's birthday so they made chocolate cake and sang her happy birthday. They worked on animals noises and behaviors today and walked around the farm acting like rabbits, chickens, goats, kittens, and more. Class 2 made bunny ears and carrots ! And just around like bunnies. They went to the garden and picked a bouquet of flowers for everyone's mothers. Then they made little chocolate bird nests with eggs inside! Class 3 made an Easter bunny box to take home, they created a group poster matching the description of 2d shape and matching their image. They did a competitiv

Bunny bookmarks

Celebrating the last week of class before Easter Holiday, Class 1 had an Easter themed class. The kids hopped around the farm acting as bunnies. They were most excited about visiting Bonnie, the new bunny! It was a lovely warm day so the class stuck outside and played color recognition games throughout the farm, Nicassi recognized all the colors! The class baked sugarless cinnamon rolls and took a healthier approach on sweets. Back in the class, the crafts included making bunny bookmarks. Class 2 created the same craft with a slighter challenge in creating bunny book marks with origami. They worked with color recognition through matching colored Easter eggs with their corresponding colors. B

Bonnie, the new Bunnie

Today class 1 hopped into the Easter spirit. In their Easter themed class they cooked a tasty chocolate baguette. Then, they pranced around like bunnies to the garden to bag themselves some onions! The little ones were excited to meet the (new!) bunnie, Bonnie, and treated her with care. Back in the classroom, the children made bunny bookmarks, which they creatively designed themselves and the teachers introduced to the art or oragami! In class 3 today the children were looking at shapes. They began by learning the vocabulary and solidified this with a team game in the garden. In their teams, the children had to listen for a shape, and then create it as fast as they could (remembering how


Spring has sprung and Easter activities have started at Casa Nostra. Today in class one, they had an Easter themed day before jetting off on their holidays. The sun was shining so they started off in the garden and planted some parsley. They really enjoyed being able to pot plants for the first time. They followed by visiting the animals, where the kids were so excited to meet Bonnie the new bunny. Together they baked a dessert baguette of chocolate. They got crafty in the classroom and made an Easter bunny bookmark which introduced origami to the kids and parents. They personalised their bunnies and not one of them was the same! In class two the girls started the day identifying and match

Easter baskets

Today as a first group we made fishes that we hide in the garden and everybody has to find his own fish. Arnau find many by his own ... Thanks to the spirit team he finally got it. We've picked English Greens and baked tomato pizzas. Fun day with those amazing kids. As a second group we made little Easter baskets, and started a new theme around travel. Taking about where they go on holiday or where they want to go. The third group, the theme was music. The kids made bunting. Did a matching game. We talked about how you play various instruments. And at the end we made a group poster with pictures. Hope to see you all soon.

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