Fishing rods

In the class with Oasis and Samia today, the children made fishing rods out of sticks and hunted for fish around the farm! The fish were numbered 1-10, as they are still in progress of mastering this. In the classroom, they then learned a song featuring fish and numbers! Then; continuing with the underwater theme, they crafted colorful jelly fish. About the farm, the kids we excited to meet the new animals (chicks and bunny) and treated them with care. Also, It was Bernat's 4th birthday today, and as he loves Apple's, they decided to cook up some tasty apple cinnamon muffins; and finish up with a good ol' birthday sing song. This evening Jo had a new set of visitors come to the farm for t

Flower bouquets

Group 1 were looking at foods, and looking at words to describe different flavours... They created a group piece where the children worked out the food through a riddle description. They listened well and knew most of the answers! We then had a tasting session, and worked out which part of the tongue is affected by flavours like sweet, salty and sour . For group 2, today was under water themed and theyve been mastering the numbers. The teachers made fishing poles and hid numbered fish all over the farm. The kids caught the fish and put the numbers together. They made banana chocolate muffins and collected spinach. For their crafts they made jellyfish! Group 3 had a flower theme. They decor

Farm animals activities

The first group did the round with the animals, picked spinach. They focused on learning numbers through games. They baked delicious cupcakes and crafted a dragon to develop cutting skills. A beautiful sunny Saturday with happy kids ... And teachers :) The second group did lots of farm animal activities, Txell and Àneu knew all of the English names! And then we made farm animal masks and acted out old macDonald had a farm! The third group baked chocolate biscuits, made bracelets, and picked spinach. They focused on learning about learned taste, and the children tried different foods and labeled them as sweet, salty and sour. We talked about their favourite food

Healthy Spinach

This Thursday Class one explored the garden and reviewed the different vegetables, the class ended at the Spinach lot and learned to pick Spinach! They visited the farm animals and we began discussing mythical animals like dragons! We crafted our own dragons out of card. The kids created colorful fire breathing dragons with wings and other designs. The class tried something new in the kitchen and made herb and tomato bread. Class 2 explored the farm differently this week. As they visited the farm animals they had a verbal scavenger hunt. Teacher Jo called out farm items, animals, and places for the kids to get. The children had a lot of fun! The class picked Spinach and learned to wash the v

Planting green peppers

Class one planted some green peppers, collected Spinach and visited the farm animals. They baked orange muffins which this group in particular requested. We made dragons out of cardstock. The kids got creative and also requested that they fly, so we made wings for them on top of the fire breathing and teeth. Class two picked spinach, and went to see the horses, chickens and goats. They commented on how big our baby goat, Cookie, had got. In the class, the children made Easter cards to bring home to their parents, and made chocolate chip biscuits. They also did an Easter question and answer comprehension exercise, and a crossword.


Happy Tuesday! Today class one got viscous and made dragons! Their parents were on hand to her the children be creative and design their own fire breathing dragon. They made all sorts! Nice, vicious, cute, etc. In the garden they collected Spinach were taught how to use gardening equipment properly and their purpose, like hand shovels, rakes, and watering cans. They visited all the animals and baked orange muffins. Biel was a chef today and poured the muffins for he entire class! Class 2 welcomed back Banu with open arms as she had been away and they missed her so much! They were learning how to identify colours names and then had to colour in a worksheet with the correct colour! Banu, and

Outdoor games

The first group celebrated St. Patrick's day with the class. They did themed coloring pages and created a pot of gold. We focused on colors during the activities as they had a lot of rainbows on the worksheets. They picked Spinach and reviewed the names of the rest of the crops in the garden. The kids went into the sheep and goat pen for the first time. They lovedddd it. And they made calzones. The second group focused on spring theme. They played loads of outdoor games with colors and spring theme. They had coloring in activities and they all did a very good job. About the games all the students enjoyed it and although they were so tired they just wanted to continue. They sang lots of songs

Big lettuces

Today class one plodded through the garden to find themselves a lettuce to pluck, they were huge! Although at first the kids weren't into the idea of eating it, the teachers shared some fun ideas of ways to eat and they were soon excited. In the garden the children had a go at the climbing wall on the side of the library, and some were very brave; overcoming their fear of heights! Back in the classroom, the kids got into a theme st Patrick's day by making their own pot of gold and either decorated with a four leaf clover in hope for luck, or a rainbow in hope for more gold! Class 3 were looking at clothing. They began by having verbal quizes about who was wearing what, and labeling colourf

St Patrick`s day

Class one started the new week off by learning about the all important St. Patrick's day which we love to celebrate in style in England! In the garden they picked lettuce and discussed the different things they could make with it. They also learned how to take the roots off. They then did their rounds around the farm and said hello to all the animals! In the chicken coop they found 5 eggs! In the classroom they each made a pot of gold with a four leaf clover for good luck then finished the day by playing a card game, reviewing the names of animals, toys, and shapes. The kids almost got all the cards! Well done! Class two are still looking at springtime! As the weather is starting to pick up

Spring clothes

On Saturday morning the first group learned about the names of clothing. They focused on spring and summer clothes. They had coloring pages for them and also worked on the names of colors they were using. They planted onion and discussed the sense of smell since the crop smelled strongly of onion. They took the last batch of cauliflower and visited animals. They finished up by making some bread. The second group went on nature walk and talked about what they could smell, see and hear. Then they made a nature flower crown, they foraged around the farm for leaves sticks and flowers to create it. The third group learned the name of clothing, by designing and labelling various things to create a

Coconut cookies

Spring is near! Class one spent most of the day outdoors as it was a beautiful warm evening. We introduced this season in the vegetable garden by planting onions which grow best in Spring! The children collected the last batch of cauliflowers and continued onto visiting the animals. The children identified each animal by name and pretended they were the donkeys, chicken, goats, and sheep! They then learned about Spring clothes and pasted fun summer dresses, shorts, swim suits, and sunglasses on worksheets of boys and girls. They had a lot of fun personalizing their own mini me. At the end of class, the kids enjoyed their delicious coconut cookies and left home with smiles on their faces. Cla


Today class 1 learned all about clothing! As Spring is approaching, the teachers taught the class about spring clothes. The children spent some time pasting spring clothing on printout dolls of each student; they then used the costume box to dress up, discuss and define the different clothing items. There were ghosts, princesses, pirates, witches, and even Santa Claus parading around! Outdoors amongst the farm, the kids planted onion and collected cauliflower. The teachers introduced the sprouts to the kids through smell; they were supposed that the sprouts already smelled so strongly of onion! All in all, the children enjoyed themselves and seemed to leave the farm gates with more English u

Planting onions

Spring has sprung here at Casa Nostra! Class one made the most of the lovely weather and spent as much time around the farm as they could, feeding the animals and tending to our vegetable by planting onions and picking cauliflower. They did a lovely weather themed activity where they coloured in spring clothing and pasted it on little paper dolls. In the kitchen they made pizza and worked on numbers while they cooked! Class two were also introduced the the new season that is springtime! Jo's class of lovely girls welcomed a new member today! Lara! She had a wonderful time meeting all the animals and helped us water in the vegetable garden. While we were out around the farm we picked some l

Animal kingdom

Today in Casa Nostra we had so much fun. Class one talked a lot about animals and what types of noises they make. They hunted for the biggest cauliflowers and the kids found cauliflower so big they couldn’t even carry them. And did some more pancake activities focusing on colors and ingredients. Class two in honour of pancake week made pancakes! Then they did a pancake activity booklet which included a word search, matching words to the images, and some themed coloring pictures. Then when the weather got nicer they decided to go outside on a shape hunt! Aina and Àneu did a great job at finding different types of shapes around the farm! Back in the classroom they made their own pan and pancak

Pancake week

Hello! Here is the blog entry, let me know if it needs any adjustments. Pancake Week continues! Class 1 started the day off with learning how to properly water the crops in the vegetable garden. Each student was given a watering can and watered their own set of crops. They then collected huge crops of cauliflower! In the classroom the students learned a lot about ingredients and their quantity, they followed by making their own pancakes. Class 2 celebrated pancake day as well by cooking pancakes to eat, and crafting pancakes with paper plates to take home. With their works of art, they held a pancake flipping contest and Jan won! Class 3 took an dive into the ocean. They discovered many typ

Ocean and sea creatures

Today's littleuns carried on with the tasty English tradition of Pancake day! They all Cut out their own pan and chose their own toppings to decorate it with! They then Incorpated some counting activities to understand the method of cooking pancakes, and now they really know how much of each ingredient they need! Well done kids! Jo was visited by a local church group today, and they got involved in the pancake theme, and they were flippin' great at it! Everybody had a great time taking on the challenge of turning the pancake by tossing it into the air. The oldest children today carried on looking at animals, but today they were diving into the ocean and looking all sorts of sea creatur

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