School pancake day

Today is international pancake day! Also known as Shrove Tuesday, it is a day celebrated by many countries around the world, and we celebrated it in school by cooking lots of delicious pancakes with the children. The children in classes 1 and 2 had lots of fun cooking their own pancakes, and sprinkling them with different toppings. The children also drew and cut out their own pancakes, and their own frying pans, and practised flipping them in a pancake competition in class! After all of this fun with the pancakes, we then went to the vegetable garden where we picked delicious cauliflowers and English greens, and the children chose big green, juicy leaves to bring to feed our horse Pearla. Th


Class1 planted lettuces and collected cauliflower today. We spent quite some times with the animals particularly our new little baby goat Cookie. We cooked nice cookie and start eating them after we finished to craft clown masks. Lucia our new little girl adapted really well and already learnt few words which is amazing ! Lovely day :) Class2 concentrated on emotions today. The teacher would shot it a type of emotion and they had to act it out! Aran did really well with it. They also told things that made them happy, sad, excited, angry etc etc :) Bianca described it all in English The oldest class of the day carried on the theme of animals, but took a closer look by reading, feeling and tal


The first group started the day with physical activity to help memorizing numbers and parts of the body. then they visited animals and went to the garden. after making the pizza they made their own clown masks to remember it's carnival. all kids participated and enjoyed it a lot. The second group focused on the different emotions like Happy , sad ... and then they acted them out and identified different ones. Aneu and Aina played this game well. they also made carnival masks and wand. Lots of gliter was involved. The third group carried on looking at animals, but under the sea today. Everybody had a read of some writing about Olley the Octopus, and proved they all understood the English well

Tissue paper mask

Today class 1 roamed around the garden, planting a new batch of lettuce and plucking themselves a luscious bunch of English greens to take home. The teachers were proud to share that certain little ones finally got over their fears to enter the chicken coop for feeding time, and they also loved feeing our 1 day old baby goat, cookie. Speaking of which, the team then headed to the kitchen up some edible cookies of their own, which looked so yummy! Before heading home, all of the children made their own colourful felt and tissue paper mask to wear for the carnival this weekend! See you there! The oldest class of the day carried on the theme of animals, but took a closer look by reading, fee

Cookie, a new baby in the farm

We started our new week at Granja Escola with a delightful new addition to the farm, our female goat gave birth to a beautiful baby!! It is a gorgeous, little fluffy white bundle of joy, we are deciding between, snowy or cookie! Which one do you think?! Today in class two They were learning, about he parts of the body! Today they focused on learning facial features, and made some wonderful face collages! At the end of the day we sang lots of songs that involved learning body vocabulary, they all joint in and sand their hearts out, good job! Class three carried on looking at he theme of animals, but more closely today by reading, feeling and talking about their different coats and body part

Funny faces

The first class has had a lovely day. They started the day with making collage of funny faces. Later on they visited the animals and rode Perla. They made sweet pizza for snack. After that they sang some songs out of classroom and played some games. One was memory, we had some flash cards and they had to find the same ones, for example two noses. Then they played fast reaction, the teacher said one parts of body and the student should take the card first. They played a game with was finding the colors in the nature. The second class started the activities with labeling the human body, learning new vocabulary. Pointing to and say each part. They made silly face collage using different eyes, m

Facial features

today class 2 started learning some body vocabulary. We labelled a picture of body parts and we counted how many of each body part we had, 2 eyes, 10 toes etc etc. Everyone did really well. Especially Bianca and Marc. Then using some funny face cut outs we created our own silly faces and named each part, eyes, nose, mouth! In the garden they had to go and find beautiful cauliflowers and fed the leafs to the sheep as goats. Mar knew exactly where to go however Pau found the biggest one! Today class 1 focused on facial features and we cut and sticked a face together and coloured it with pens. Everyone made a unique face and described it to me. After we picked beautiful cauliflowers in the gard

The 5 senses

Today Class 1 started to look at the body and the 5 senses. The children began by cutting up different features of the face and sticking them in the right place! Naiara knew exactly where everything went, and repeated the words well. Afterwards they all made a little booklet, filled with word traces of the senses and different images! In the kitchen; following on from yesterdays Valentines day, they all made heart shaped chocolate cookies; they were delicious!! The oldest class of the day moved onto the topic of animals! They all arrived in their normal energetic way, and started a memory matching game of different animals... they then each shared something they knew about the animal. In t

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day from Casa Nostra!! Class one focused on Valentine's theme ❤ they cut and colored hearts. Picked some cauliflowers ad spend a lot of time with the animals. After a bit of fun playing on the trampoline they prepared a nice chocolate dough to bake tasty cookies. Back to the class Olivia and Joan's Father painted a very nice piece of art! Later they read books and discussed colours and words! A beautiful day full of positive energy. Class two were also feeling the love for Valentine's Day and made their own special Valentine's card for their loved ones! Then they hand made a bunch of roses using their handprints and green pipe cleaners for the stems. In the kitchen they b

Little booklet

Class 1 planted a lettuce root in a small pot to bring home, as a small we took our time with to feed the chickens, goats and Perla our beautiful donkey :) then we cooked some nice pizzas and everybody picked their own toppings. Back to the class we made a clock defining the different weathers. We finished with songs and a story. With class 2 today we learned all about pizza and the different types of toppings you can put on top of them. So we learned the typical ones such as peppers, onions, tomato, cheese and pepperoni! And other possible veggies. Then they got to create their own real pizza in the kitchen and then a collage of one for the classroom activity. Bianca was excellent at telli

Weather and different seasons

Today the first class started their lesson with a new theme which was weather and different seasons. They made very nice weather clock which showed different seasons and its weather. They backed cheese bread in the kitchen which was tasty. They planted lettuce in their own pots and took it home. They also had story time at the end of the lesson. The second class had a different theme which was animals in the farm and the food that they produce. They matched the pictures of different animals with different kind of food that they produce and made a little booklet. They backed pizza as snack, they visited animals and they took one lettuce home as well. At the end they had a story time and they


Today class 1 looked at the theme of nature. They all went on a scavenger hunt around the farm, looking for leaves and trees and insects! No stone was unturned. In the classroom they created some fabulous frogs, using their handprints for the legs! Arnau was very creative with his frog and was particularly helpful in the classroom, asking questions and getting involved with everything! Noa and Jan were great with the donkey. Class 2 started off with a little food themed word search, helping them to recognise how to spell the names of different kinds of food like ice cream, pizza and the one they all knew, chocolate!! Then they made a plate collage of all their favourite types of food, Banu

Human body

Class 1 today were looking at the theme of nature; by crafting their own green and glittery frogs... using the shape of their hands as feet! The children also had a good roam around the garden; planting potatoes in the soil. Now that we've collected all of the potatoes we have - it's time to start a new cycle! Young Bernat was particularly smiley today, and we're delighted to see him coming out his shell in the class a little more! In class 3 today, everybody labelled an image of a human body... and took it in turns to draw the body parts and find the right word to match. Marco was particularly impressive with his vocabulary in this activity! We then discussed the senses and what is the f


Today class 1 looked at the theme of nature. We made beautiful fish while working out sea vocabulary such as fin , scales and eyes. We then carried on our nature theme to make leaf shortbread in the kitchen. Noa and Jan were great with the donkey. Very gentle and kind. Noah was very creative with his fish and knowlegable about other sea creature's names! Class 2 started off with a little food themed word search, helping them to recognise how to spell the names of different kinds of food like ice cream, pizza and the one they all knew, chocolate!! Then they made a plate collage of all their favourite types of food, Banu had so many favourites she had to made 3 plates! After finished all thei

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