Baby lambs

Today class one focused on the theme of under the sea. They found shells, drift wood and sea glass in the sand and then washed them and with glitter and glue we made beautiful green turtles . Later they challenged using foil and different colour papers as scale on a funky fish. Guillem interacted well with the sad finding all sorts of interesting things. Welcome Emma a great addition to the team who was both creative and hardworking. Class two met the new baby lambs. Txell named them Floreta and Flora. They learned the word “lamb baby sheep” and made a lovely picture of them using fluffy cotton wool. They made spinach and made some yummy chocolate chip cupcakes. In class three the whole cla


Today Class 1 forced on the theme of under the sea. The class worked independently creating beautiful turtles. The kids were amazing at picking their shells out of sand and carefully washing them before covering them in glitter and sticking their bodies on. Guillem was gentle with the donkey and fed he well while Marc was great at finding the eggs. Well done to Xenia for being possitive and very creative with her fish making. Everyone was very hardworking and focused throughout the activities. Today class 2 learnt about different types of winter weather! They looked at Snow, rain and wind. The gang created creative winter forecast booklets, by putting together some collages, using cotton woo

Under the sea theme

The youngsters of the day had a great time exploring an under the sea theme! They began by colouring pictures of different sea creatures (jellyfish octopus, turtles and more!) And shared their ideas of what colours these animals normally are. They then had a sensory feeling session, where they rummaged through various shells, sand and wood from the beach. Lastly, in the classroom, the children then crafted their shells into colourful, googly eyed turles and crabs. Good work kids! Our middle class teacher, Jo, was visited by a lovely class from a local church. They all had a wonderful time collecting spinache from the garden, cooking up some tasty bread in the kitchen, and then giving the a

Digging for potatoes

The rain has stopped and today the sun shone down on Casa Nostra! Class one today had a great time digging for potatoes in the garden, it's like finding treasure when you find one! They all did a great job helping to feed the donkeys, ponies and goats they even found some eggs laid by the chickens! Tortilla for dinner tonight! Class two created some wonderful weather forecast collages, depicting rain and snowy weather! Gina and Banu got really creative! In the kitchen the little chefs made some yummy muffins then visited the garden to pick some healthy green spinach to take home! Class three went on a hunt to identify different tree types on the farm and their unique trunks, branches and

Cheese bread

Today was so cold outside, so we tried to be in the classrooms and do lots of indoor activities. Class one started the day by coloring in activities, they learnt more words about winter clothes. They read a story and sang a song. Had a quick visit in the garden and picked potatoes, they had cheese bread as snack. Class two made winter paper dolls (cut up different winter clothes and dresses the paper doll with them), and then labeled each piece of clothing with the correct English name. Txell, Aneu and clara did brilliantly with labeling the items of clothing independently. They made cheesy garlic bread sticks and picked potatoes. Class three spent some time to revisiting the theme of plants

Roots, stem and leaves

Class 1 revisited kids songs helping to learn numbers and parts of the body. Then a lot of coloring to define colors and winter clothes. Then we fed the animals and finished with cooking cheese bread sticks. Everybody was really participative and seemed to enjoyed their own creation. Class 2 made winter paper dolls, cut up different winter clothes and dressed the paper doll with them! And then labelled each piece of clothing with the correct English name! Pau, Mar and Maria did brilliantly with labelling the items of clothing independently. We made cheesy garlic bread sticks and picked potatoes! Class 3 spent some time revisiting the theme of plants... everybody sang together a song we learn

Garlic bread

The youngsters of the farm bounced in with their usual energy. To begin, they happily collected the vegetable of the day, celery, and enjoyed todays visit to feed all of the animals about the farm. In the classroom the children got down to some colouring of the animals that they know. And in the kitchen, they all got their hands sticky, in in kneading some dough for making bread! Today class 3 delved deeper into learning all about plants. The kids practiced again a song about the different functions within a flower. The children also worked brilliantly as a team whilst putting together a diagram on the wall, figuring out which label and description matched the image! Darek was extremely ke

Winter clothes

Our Tuesday classes were all raring to go this evening even with this bitterly cold weather! Class one and class two have been learning about the different types of clothing that you should be wearing in the winter to keep yourself warm! Lots of important vocabulary learned tonight like hat, scarf, gloves, jacket. Class two were very good at labelling the correct pieces of clothing, Banu, Aran and Emma finished their work super quick! Clever girls! In baking today class one made some delicious chocolate bread and in class two they made some traditional English jam tarts! Today class three worked together to create a labelled image of a plant; matching the writing to the name/Image and maki

Different parts of plants

Today was a sunny day! Class 1 continued with winter theme, they learned a lot about winter clothes like Hat, scarf, mittens… they made very nice hats and mittens with wool cotton. They made sweet pizza dough in the kitchen and everybody was great at it. Class 2 learned more vocabularies about winter clothes. They made a snowman as a craft. They backed jam tart and enjoyed it a lot. They were all really good in garden and picked three potatoes each. Carla, Berta and Txell were really good with animals and the fed chickens and donkies. In class 3 everyone participated well as they wondered around the garden, seeing what they could notice. Everybody enjoyed learning a new song about the funct

Snowman cupcakes

Class 1 today focused on the animals which helped them to open up. They all loved it and particularly Xania who kept a smile on her face from the moment she fed the donkey. They all harvest the potatoes with their own hands and they loved it. Alex in particularly has he found a good way to do so. Then they learnt winter clothes vocabulary and defined colors through coloring activities. Class 2 spent a lot of time baking and learning the names of all the ingredients to make a snowman cupcakes. Everybody enjoyed the foraging in the earth to find the biggest potatoes they could. Class 3 identified the parts of plant with a painting of a flower, all did well and were keen to spell the parts corr

Cinnamon whirls

Class 1 today focused on learning winter clothes... by colouring in pictures of hats, scarves and other warming wear! The children all then did a matching activity, where they stuck the names to the images. Naiara showed good understanding and gave her best shot! In the kitchen the team cooked up some delicious smelling cinnamon whirls, Oriol was all engaged and enjoyed himself as he rolled out the pastry! Class 3 today were a bunch of jumping beans! The day started by telling the teacher what presents they recieved for Christmas, all sounded great you lucky children! After this the class moved onto our theme of plants. The kids, one by one labelled a painting of a flower... helping each o

Winter theme

Today we welcomed back all our lovely extra curricular students to the farm, after a well deserved holiday! It was great finding out all of the fabulous presents that the Three Kings had brought everyone! Wow. Some lucky children. They have obviously been working very hard in our lessons of course! Class one and two are embracing the cold winter weather by learning winter themed vocabulary and learning to describe the type of clothes you would wear for this chilly weather!! Brrrr! Aran and Bruna got really stuck in during our visit to the garden and dug up lots of potatoes for everyone! In class three today the kids have started a new project on nature and the life cycle of plants. Carta m

Seasonal Months

This week at Casa Nostra all classes are well and truly embracing the new year of 2017!! Class one are focusing on the alphabet and learning how to spell and say the letters of the month January! Class 2 are beginning to learn about the different seasonal months and what different type of clothes are worn for this chilly weather! Brrrr! Luckily everyone brought hats, gloves and scarves today!! They have also been putting the correct winter words into sentences and have attempted some maths equations with a winter twist! Class 3 were given the task of a word scrambling word search which got their brains ticking this morning. They are always so helpful with taking care of the animals on the

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