Halloween at the farm

What a magical day we've had at the farm! A swarm of witches and blood thirsty children filed through the gates this morning, and stuck with us for a full day of ghoulish antics and freaky fun... Class 1's creativity was on point today: Marc and Nicasi did a fantastic job of the colouring in. Quim and Blau also worked hard with their dot-to-dot bat drawings, and to follow up they painted a lovely night sky for their bats to spread their wings! Throughout the day Danielle was very confidently chatting away, sharing many of the halloween words that she knew already! Super impressive, Danielle! And finally, the whole squad had a great time decorating their own witches hats and gobbling the wr

Halloween book

What a wonderful day we had in Casa Nostra today. In class 1 Arnau was really good at saying the Halloween words. Sofia made a really nice collage. Lila was brilliant by writing her name on all her works before asking. And everybody enjoyed a lot reading the Chicken Halloween book next to the chickens in the farm. In class 2 Aina was very fast to complete all the tasks. Txell and Aneu were really good at coloring in activities. Jan was making everyone laugh. Carla made the best witch’s finger, she also rode Perla. In class 3 Alba made the best web. Gina made a really nice spider. Laura was the new student and she had good English. Pau and Laura were good at reading the Halloween book. Alan w

Creepy Crawlies

Spooky things have started happening at Casa Nostra, things going bump in the night. Ghouls and ghosts have been walking around the farm and skeletons have been popping out of closets. It's Halloween week!! Class 1 made Halloween word collages and Gael and Quim concentrated really hard on theirs putting lots of ghoulish glitter on their pumpkins. Maria and Alex could say the most English Halloween words. And Mark gets a gold star for knowing that Dracula was a Vampire. Valentina was great at baking her dough zombie fingers. In class 2 Bianca excelled in the baking. Made super life like witches fingers! Quite creepy. Marc was first to come forward singing itsy bitsy spider and did a grea

Chickens at Halloween

As the spookiest day of the year rolls closer, Casa Nostra's team of young farmers enter into the gruesome spirit... In Class 1, young Pau was as adventurous as ever; he loved reading the book about chickens at Halloween in the chicken coop. Carla did a wonderful job at making her own Halloween word collage. Well done Carla! Everyone learned some new English Halloween songs, when Orial proved to be todays tuneful vocalist! Lastly, the teams new addition, Bernat, did so well in getting involved in all the activities; feeding the goats and being the particularly gifted chef of the class with his creepy witch's finger! In class 3, the whole team learned a handful of halloween vocabulary as

More Pumpkins

Spooky things are happening down at Casa Nostra this week! Pumpkins, spiders and even witches fingers will be creeping into our class activities! Class 1 did all things Halloween outside today! Hugo loved singing all of the songs on the trampoline and was very good at baking. Jan made two impressive gruesome witches fingers and concentrated hard reading our book about chickens, his English progresses every week. Alex was amazing with the animals and Adam and Julia made the most glittery Halloween collages. The other half of class 1 made lovely fluffy spiders they did really well at weaving the webs for their homes! Gina and Aran searched high and low in the garden and found several of the

Planting lettuce

We have had so much fun on the last day of the week. In the first class Toni, lan and Arnau were good at saying the name of animals. Sofia was amazing in gardening. Ian is a good artist and Arnau is a star in the class. Lila was good at the songs that we’ve worked on. In the second class Estella, Berta and Marc were really good at reading. Txell and Aneu were good at cooking. Carla was amazing in the garden and Aina helped to her teacher to make the Jigsaw. In the third class Gina was good at cooking she helped a lot in the kitchen. David was creative in drawing and he did an original one. Paula tried to speak English as much as possible. Pau was good with the animals and at the end Alba was

Old Macdonald's farm

It's a zoo here! Casa Nostra opened its gates to a world of animals this week, big and small. We learnt about crocodiles, cows and cats! Class 2 carried on learning all about Old Macdonald's farm, making their very own farms to take home. Mar's farm was amazing and full of colourful detail. Jan and Bianca knew all the words to the memorable song and Tao coloured in so neatly that teacher Jo thinks he should be an artist. Class 1 was full of little monkeys today, getting snapped up one by one by Mr. Crocodile. Gael impressed the teacher with his own crocodile making skills. Quim put lots of effort and attention into making his lollipop crocodile as well. Alex coloured in the most wonder

Planting cauliflower

What a wonderful day we had today at the Casa Nostra! We welcomed 5 new bright students!! In Egle's class - Marc, Paula, Lucia and Marta. Antonia's class was joined by Carla. In Antonia's class, the children made crocodiles, baked calzone and planted cauliflower. Pau was amazing at feeding the animals, and the crocodile he coloured in was really precise and impressed the teacher. Orion is always a superstar when it comes to concentrating, today he matched all the zoo animals to their names. Carla was new today but worked really hard, counting to five on her own and making the best calzone. Superb! In Egle's class the children were discussing about animals and what they can do. Then, everyon

Crocodile themed week

Today Antonia's class are concentrating on a crocodile themed week! Jan was amazing at planting cauliflower, both Noa and Jan were fantastic at saying "water please" and Noa was starting to sing the chicken song on her own. Daniella was new today but impressed the teacher by feeding the chickens and watering the pumpkins. Hugo made a brilliant biscuit and Alex is star of the class with the animals. But big shout out to the mums and dads of the class because they were great at making the crafty crocodiles. Jo introduced Old MacDonald's Farm song to the girls of her class. Emma was fabulous and knew all the words and sang at the top of her voice! They all created their own pop up farm and id

Fluffly sheep

A well needed day of sun had the Saturday schoolers arrive in high spirits this morning, starting with the youngsters of class 1... With the continued animal theme, the childen began the day getting colourful and sticky in the makings of their own fluffy sheep. Which Toni very much enjoyed, kindly wrapping his sheep in enough wool to stay cosey throughout the weathers changes! Little Guillem entered the class shining today; ready to visit all of his favourite furry creatures and treat them to their breakfast. Following on from this, the team got back to their sticky business in the kitchen - cooking up sweet pizza dough and all making a sterling effort to bake a chocolatey delight to take

Barnyard animals in the world

It was raining cats, dogs and farm animals at Casa Nostra this Thursday, but like our own Noah's Ark, the children came in two by two to learn English and shelter from the weather. Whatever the weather Casa Nostra continued on our farm quest to learn all the barnyard animals in the world (nearly). Class 1 learnt all about sheep. We made our own cotton wool sheep- with Marc Sierra making an especially fluffy lamb. Nicasi was very good at repeating the English words and Quim impressed the teacher by helping his fellow students. Everyone sang along to Sheep themed classics such as "Baa Baa Black Sheep", "Mary had a little Lamb" and "Little Bo Peep". Everyone in class sang Baaaa-rilliantly. (

Animal masks

With a skip and a jump the children arrived back for another week of farm school activities! This week we are continuing learning all about the animals we have here on the farm. Class one are learning all about our farm animal, the sheep! They made some beautiful pieces of art using cotton wool to make some fluffy sheep and teacher Antonia was particularly impressed with the work of Eric Perez! During story time, Antonia noticed that Jan and Gael were concentrating super hard whilst she was reading. Listening to every word. Very good boys! Aran was a big help today as she assigned herself to be a teaching assistant and along with her Dad who has been the class photographer they make an awe

Planting garlic

On the last day of week we have had so much fun. On class one Ian was really good at saying the name of animals. Toni sang the chicken song very good. Lila and Sofia made her own cows very fast and very beautiful. Guillem really improved on his concentration and focused well in the classroom. Mauro wrote the word Cow. In Class two they all sang the song “old Mc Donald” and Estela was good at it, although everyone did a good job. Txell and Carla were very good at spelling. Jan was really good at reading. In class three they played the lyrics game and boys won that. Pau helped a lot in the kitchen. Paula was good at saying out loud the name of animals, she also finished the matching activity a

Animal Flash cards

Old Macdonald wrote a blog, Ee Ei Ee Ei ohhh. And on this blog he wrote all about the fabulous Casa Nostra students and their love for farm animals. Class 1 focused on learning all about cows and classic barnyard animals. We matched the animal flash cards to their name and everyone shouted "chicken!". Gael and Maria were very good at the English names and Nicasi was top of the class for knowing the animal Rabbit. Quim was an enthusiastic chef mixing the chocolate brownies. Class 2 were using their writing skills to write out the names of all the animals they could see at Casa Nostra. Bianca was brilliant at naming all the farm animals. Jan was amazing at colouring in Teacher Jo said tha

Chocolate brownie

Another lovely day at the farm and we are so excited to teach you about the animals that live here! Both groups were learning the names of farm animals and matching their names to their pictures. In group 2 Genis and Mark were very good at guessing and remembering animal names. Also Emma was fantastic at deciding where each animal lived. Then the group went to the garden where they planted onions, picked some goodies for their homes, watered peppers and observed the rest of the vegetables that have grown so much over the last weeks!! Marc picked the biggest aubergine of all! After that they all went to the farm to feed the animals. Emma and Genis rode Perla and Uriol collected all the eg

Farm Animals

We welcomed back our Casa Nostra pupils today introducing our new theme, farm animals! The children will be getting to know all about the livestock we have here at Granja Escola! In class one today, they were learning all about the bovine species 'the cow' which we will be expecting on the farm any day now! They also got crafty and made their own cow masks from paper plates and scrap paper! Aran and Erics mask efforts were top of the class! Siblings Ainoah and Jan surprised their grandparents today with their polite English manners, using please and thank you whilst taking to their teacher Antonia. They were so impressed! Class two learnt the names of a variety of different animals that yo

Apple painting

This Saturday in Casa Nostra we have had so much fun. In Class one Martina did a good job at apple painting and printing. Tony and Lila were so good at sorting the food and vegetables with their colors. Ian was really good at saying the words out loud. In class two Berta and Estel were good at identifying food in the book “who am I”. Marc did a good job in a song “head and shoulders” although everyone was really good at it. Carla finished her hungry caterpillar book. In class three Paola was good at filling in the gaps of lyrics. Pao was good at solving the riddle. Gina, Pao and Alba rode Perla. Alan collected six eggs. It was so exciting and we can’t wait to see soon.

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