Hungry caterpillar zig zag books

Thursday here on the Farm we carried on exploring all the fruits and vegetables that the farm has to offer. Antonia took class one on an expedition around the grounds, checking off all the fruits and vegetables they could find and ticked them off the list! Luca was exceptionally good today at reading and writing and identifying all the different types! In class two, Jan, Marc, Mar and Bianca all finished off their hungry caterpillar zigzag books and successfully wrote down numbers and names of 5 different fruits! They finished the day jumping around and singing the song 'head, shoulders, knees and toes'! Class three learnt all about the edible roots of vegetables and then they all discusse

Farm explorers

This is Week #3 of vegetables and fruits here at Casa Nostra and everyone is becoming excellent at knowing everything in and around the garden. Today was especially beautiful so we spent the most time outside to enjoy it. Group 1 became farm explorers, making the list of all the fruits and vegetables they could find all around. Uriol and Pau were best at spelling "mushroom" and "pepper" all by themselves. Back in class they made some creative arts with apple stamps. They also made amazing, finger-licking chocolate biscuits and went to the farm to feed the chickens where they found that Valentin, the donkey, has escaped! Group 2 have started the day by solving vegetable and fruit riddles and

Mushrooms and lemons

The beauty of fruit and vegetable month is that we really get to explore the Casa Nostra farm. Seeing, touching and tasting all the beautiful fruits and vegetables we grow around us. Class 1 explored the farm with their fruit and vegetable check list, crossing off the things they saw on the farm as we explored. Eric and his Mum found mushrooms and Jan found lemons. But Aran and Gina were top of the class crossing everything off on their list first. Then everyone made pizza and sang songs. Class 2 continued learning their favourite book "The Hungry Caterpillar" - writing all the things he eats to turn into a beautiful butterfly. Paula was shy at first but when she spoke up she learnt lot

Almond week

Casa Nostra hereby declares this week as almond week, because everyone saw the first almond growing on the almond tree. If you want to find the prized almond for yourself, take a tour around the farm and you'll find each tree has been gifted with its own sign telling you it's name and season. This Saturday the oldest class were all excited to ride Pearla the donkey, the brave equestrians were Paula, Pau and Alba. Teacher Egle said that her class star today was Paula who correctly labelled a plant, including roots, leaf, bulb and petal. Class 2 are still distinguishing between fruits and vegetables- learning how to sort their own shopping into the correct baskets. Teacher Ariana said Ca

Solving riddles

We started the day in Casa Nostra with lots of energy and what a fabulous day we have all had. In class 1 we had Maria who was really good at gardening, she watered all the plants on her own. Luca rode “Perla”. Mark was fantastic in coloring in and Quim did a good job with matching the vegetables with its colors. In class 2 Bienca rode our nice donkey, she also learnt how to spell some vegetable words. The students made their own caterpillar hungry book and everybody did a nice job and Jan really got into it. Teo was really good by spelling the words. In class 3 the activity was solving riddles, which was really fun and all the students really liked it specially Núria and Aleix. Aran was goo

Word search activity

This week we have been continuing vegetable theme at Granja Escola Casa Nostra as we were learning, eating, playing and singing about these delicious nature´s treats! Group 1 have been playing with lots of colours today. They did a colouring in activity where they had to colour different vegetables in their proper colours. After the class they went to the farm to feed all the animals. When animals were fed, it was time to water the vegetable garden and plant more English Greens. Pau was very good at gardening as he watered all the plants himself! After that it was cooking time so they made delicious pizza today which they brought back home to share with their parents. Back in the class,

Planting swiss chard

We started the first day of the week with a good weather and so much nice outdoor activities in Casa Nostra. Let’s start with the first group, as a warm up activity they matched vegetables and fruits with the correct color of them. They did some color in activity with the same theme. They went to animals and fed chickens, donkeys, ponies and goats. They planted English greens and they made flapjacks for snack. The second group started their class with a worksheet activity all they had to do was sorting the fruits and vegetables and put them in the correct basket. They visited animals and although they didn’t collect any eggs they almost all rode our nice donkey “Perla”. In the vegetable gard

Oliver's fruit salad

It's the end of the first week at Casa Nostra Extracurricular English lessons. We've planted potatoes, baked and created our own pizzas as well as learning new English words and using them around the farm. Class 1 started their Saturday by reading the book "Oliver's Fruit Salad" and colouring in their own fruit bowls. Ian Moya's art and colouring was very impressive and we can't wait to see how he progresses this term. Toni Torres was fantastic with the animals, knowing the English names for chicken and donkey. Sofia Martinez rode Pearla the donkey, and was very grown up and helpful throughout the day. Lola Qunitana was chatty and sociable, she always impresses with her English skills. B

Potato stamp

Today we had lots of nice activities in Casa Nostra and the students learnt and improved a lot. In group one everyone did a good job, Gael sang all the song by memory. Maria did a good job by coloring in activity. Valentina was amazing with the animals and fed the chickens. Marc already knew lots of fruits and vegetables in English and today he learnt some more words. Joan was nice to animals and fed Perla our donkey. And Quim was really good to animals too and he fed goats. They one who rode Perla in this group was Maria. In group two Marc and Bianca wrote the names of vegetable and fruits and they learnt how to spell them. Teo, Quim and Mar learnt how so say out loud the new words and how

Planting potatoes

Everyone is back to school and so are we at Casa Nostra! One more brilliant day learning everything veggies! Group 3 started their day by introducing themselves and telling each other all about their famílies, their hobbies, their likes and dislikes. After the chat they began to learn all about different vegetables and played a game where they had to learn vocabulary, matching diferent vegetable names with pictures. They all did super well, learning over 20 different vegetables, wow! Next, they went to bake some pizza and everyone got to shape their own, adding the toppings of their choice. It turned out delicious! They then went to the garden to plant potatoes, water aubergines and pick

Vegetable week

Summer is gone and we are all more than ready in Casa Nostra to have a nice course. Today was our first day and everyone has done a great job. The first class after greeting and knowing each other started to do lots of activities with potato theme. They planned some potatoes in the vegetable garden. Then they sang the song “one potato, two potatoes”. They played a game and learned how to count till ten. Later on they backed sweet pizza dough, when they went back to the classroom they read stories and made their own stamps with potatoes. They went to the animals and fed the chickens and donkeys. When they went back to the classroom they colored in some fruits, and they had the snack that mad

Bye bye summer school

Wow last day of Summer school! What a beautiful journey all the classes have gone through over the summer. The students have learned and been immersed in the English language. With the help of all the teachers and the fun farm activities. Class one started the morning with some colouring in and a puzzle. Then they visited the goats and gave them some snacks. In the afternoon the class watched a cartoon called The Magic School Bus learning more about their own bodies. Class two learned all about the five senses and did a lovely worksheet to help them along. Class two also had a musical day and learned two songs 'Head Shoulders Knees and Toes' and 'The Skeleton Dance'. In addition they drew a

Tiger Spider

Arms were waving, blood was pumping and eyes were bulging because today Casa Nostra was invaded by a Yellow Garden Spider. A huge arachnid with buzzing yellow racing stripes. Teachers Jo and Antonia quickly tapped their fingers on Google to find out whether it was dangerous or not, alas- it was perfectly harmless and fun to photo. We all love bugs here! Carrying on with their amazing spelling and vocabulary progress, class 3 continued learning the bodily organs. Spelling out their own digestive systems with words like- intestine and stomach took lots of guts! Jo's middle class finished their personalised "All About Me" booklets, counting teeth, measuring feet and finding out that all th

All about me

Put your arms in the air, wave them like you just don't care. Snap your fingers and tap your toes, it's human body week! Class 1 spent their day reading and writing all about the body parts. After creating a giant human body, that Picasso would be proud of, they labelled each part of the body all on their own. Everyone's favourite song "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes!" Helped us a lot! All the teachers are really impressed with the youngest class's progress. Class 2 are excitedly creating their "All about Me" booklets. Today their measured their own height, chatted about their hair colours and looked deep into each others eyes. After inspiring their teachers with their amazing English

Hazelnut tree

One by one our Casa Nostra kids came back for more body talk and farm play! Class one focused on progressing with their human body vocabulary which they should all know perfectly by the end of the week! They also managed to pin down their teacher Antonia and she kindly let them draw around her to get an outline of a body and then they created a unique body collage from it! In the afternoon they read a beautiful little poem called 'All Of Me' and read an interesting book from Ted Arnold named 'Parts' which they all thoroughly enjoyed! Later they were took on a special mission to the top of the farm where we have hazelnut, pear and plum trees. They hunted down all the hazelnuts they could fit

Head, shoulders, knees and toes

Head, shoulders, knees, and blog. This week at Casa Nostra our theme is 'The Human Body,' and we are all excited to learn the song of the week, 'Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes.' Class 1 started off the week learning new vocabulary such as skeleton, leg, foot, hand, arm, head, and mouth. They will practice hard and hopefully know all the words by the end of the week. Next, they used their hands to plant lettuces that they got to take home and grow. How exciting! They finished their day with a visit to the animals and a little 'human body' face painting. Class 2 started their week learning all about the human body by use of a diagram. Next, they put their bodies to use by using their hands t

Giant treble clef

Last day of music week and we are very sad to see it end! All the students have really thrived this week because music is a universal language that everyone can understand. Class three did a spelling test this morning which improved their spelling and vocabulary on music terms. They all put in their best effort.Then the students made their own musical crosswords to swap and try to solve. The students also had a great time swimming and riding Perla the donkey and created a large poster as a class. Class one enjoyed their last day colouring in different musical instruments. They also went to the vegtable garden and picked some tomatoes for the cook to make our delicious bologanse lunch. They

Knick Knack Paddy Whack

Music is good for the soul. It's also great for learning, dancing, singing and making new friends at Casa Nostra. Teachers Eleanor and Egle have been keen to use music week to brush up on some of our English skills. Asking their class to recite their favourite English song lyric (or sing if they're brave enough). Everyone then chatted about who their favourite musician was and why. Sadly it was more Bieber than Beethoven! Teacher Jo has been using her textile skills to help her children learn. Her class skilfully made their own music using; paper, elastic bands and lollipop sticks, resulting in a high quality harmonica that everyone can take home. Apologies to the parents! Teachers

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