Pan Flutes

Casa nostra has been blessed with another beautiful sunny day as we continued learning all about music... The Class 1 kicked off by doing some colouring in activities and reading their favourite book called "Music Music Everywhere". They then played a game called match the instrument which loved. In the afternoon the little ones have been painting and colouring in musical notes which then were stuck on the giant board to make a happy song. Class 2 started the day with colouring in activities and learned a word "drum". They also have been busy making pan flutes out of colourful plastic tubes which turned out fantastic and the children were able to perform their own tunes and show off to the

Homemade instruments

Morning has broken on Granja Escola and our Casa Nostra pupils arrived back on the farm eager to learn more about anything and everything on music! Classes one and two did some of their best colouring in bopping and singing away with their favourite songs playing in the background. Class three started their day with their thinking caps on and did some musical word exercises to refresh what they had learnt yesterday! However today was all about hand-making your own instruments from recycled materials. The teachers and children had been collecting old boxes, tubs and tubes and started getting creative with them! Class one got inventive with wooden lolly pop sticks and made xylophones ins

Music week

This week at Casa Nostra our theme is Music, and boy oh boy are we ready to sing, dance, and move to the groove! Class 1 began their day introducing the music theme by learning new vocabulary such as piano, musical notes, drum, trumpet, xylophone, and guitar. The children especially liked the word xylophone. Maybe if they're lucky they will get to make their own xylophone later this week! Next they read the book, 'Knick Knack Paddy Whack' and sung along to the CD. They had so much fun, that after they made their sweet pizza dough, they did some musical note face painting. What a day! Class 2 began their day learning new vocabulary, but also learned how to spell and write the words. Next, the

Robot disco

It's a well kept secret, but everyone at Casa Nostra knows- that once a year the robots get together to dance. They bring their friends, spanners, bolts and buttons. They oil themselves up so they can dance without squeaking and best of all they invite all their friends from Casa Nostra English School to The Robot Disco. Class 1 prepared for the big robot disco by polishing up on their shiny new robot lingo. They impressed teachers Arianna and Antonia with all the robot shapes they learnt this week and how great their colouring in was. Their favourite books to read were "Robots Robots Everywhere" and "No-Bot the Robot". Class 2 prepared for the disco by showing their robot teacher Jo j

Robot's Shapes

We've managed to make it all the way to Thursday of Robot Week without getting any rusty nuts'n'bolts! Hooray. Everyone at Casa Nostra was excited to see a real life robot (a yellow digger) visit the school site today. Making way for more beautiful trees to be planted. Class 3 were top of the robot scrap heap today, creating their own coded language and writing a secret coded message to the new best friends they've made here at Farm School. The tricky part came when their friends had to decode the message themselves and all wished they had robots in the class to help them. Class 2 have used all their robot knowledge from the week to turn their (metal) hands to engineering. Led by master

Choco robo tastic!!

Another wonderful day has gone at the Casa Nostra, packed with fun, laughter and robotic creatures. The sun was scorching all day so all the children have been enjoying the fun in the water among other things... The little ones in the group 1 have continued working on their shape learning adventure. They started off by making a giant robot out of soft play shapes. Then they painted a giant robot body on a big poster and made a collage from shiny tin foil pieces, wow! In the afternoon they used the poster to play a super fun game called pin the antenna, where they had to stick the antenna for the robot while being quite dizzy and blindfolded. Everyone laughed and even the big ones joined in

Spaceship robot

Having been introduced to our theme of the week 'robots', the little machines of class one continued learning and talking about what kinds of shapes that a robot can be made up from. They then ran around and played fun games to identify and articulate the names of the different shapes in the soft play area! Later in the day they got creative and made Art Bots which let them create the most wonderfully colourful and individual art piece. You'd think we had 10 little Jackson Pollocks in the classroom. Very talented! During their baking time they got into the mind set of a robot and sounded out unusual noises they thought a robot would make whilst making pizza, so there were lots of strange so

Beep Boop Beep

'Beep Boop Boop Beep.' This was the sound this morning of our little robots gearing up for this weeks robot theme at Casa Nostra. Class 1 started off the day and the week learning some new vocabulary such as: the shapes of a robot, square, circle, rectangle, and triangle, and other parts of a robot, including antenna and claws. Next, we read one of our theme books, 'No-Bot, the Robot with No Bottom,' and it was a hit! I'm sure the children will be begging to read it again tomorrow. Next, we did some robot themed face painting and because we were so excited about our theme, we decided to shape our shortbread snack into little robots. What a wonderful day! Class 2 began their day with an 'R is

Big finale olympic games

A smashing end to an Olympic week at Casa Nostra. Our school Olympians saved all their energy for the big finale before we wave goodbye for a weeks holiday. Our youngest class all crossed the Olympic finish line together, starting the morning by reading the fabulous "Wally Racoons Farmyard Olympics" and then spending the day competing for personal bests in tricky games like the water balloon toss and the highly anticipated egg and spoon race which drew roaring cheers from the crowd. Class 2 took on the Olympic sized challenge of making and decorating their own piñata. Trained well by their teacher Jo, they used their relay race style team work skills to paint and glitter their piñata be

Frog Olympics

We’re nearing the end of the week here at farm school and all the children are accustomed to their daily routines. The younger group were very busy olympians today, practising lots of tricks, flips and turns on the trampoline. They coloured in one of the Rio Olympic mascots in the morning, a monkey called Vinicius and later in the day they had lots of fun doing jigsaws and puzzles all together. The children had a great time in the chicken coop today, collecting and putting the eggs in the basket very carefully. The middle group practised their Olympic sports vocabulary today and read some Olympic themed books including ‘Frog Olympics’ and ‘Greek Olympics’. After they prepped their piñata (re


Despite a wet start to the day, the children all arrived smiling and ready for another fun -filled day learning on the farm. Our tiny athletes in class one began the day by colouring pictures of a gymnast. The children were introduced to the colours bronze, silver and gold and played a game to practice the colours. They read a story about the Frog Olympics and counted the frogs on every page. They then headed to our abundant fruit and vegetable garden and picked delicious peaches from our selection of peach trees. In the afternoon they learnt the game 'Duck, duck goose' and ran a few races, including a tricky one involving balancing rings on their heads. All the children showed good team

Olympic torch

The starting pistol has been fired for another day of sportsmanship on the farm! Our little athletes warmed up in the morning, learning the different colours of the Olympic Rings, which they can now tell you are blue, yellow, black, green and red! They also learnt the word for the popular Olympic sport 'swimming' and then coloured an athlete doing exactly that! In the afternoon they worked as a team to harvest some eggs from our generous chickens. They then got into the artistic spirit and made creative and colourful collages of the famous Olympic torch! Still bursting with energy at the end of the day, they all decided to count how many jumps they could do on the trampoline. They jumped s

Olympic week

This week at Casa Nostra our theme is Olympics. All the teachers were excited to get the week started in honor of the Summer Olympics in Rio, Brazil! Class 1 started off the day learning olympic themed vocabulary such as rings, athlete, torch, medal, and Brazil. Later on in the day we read a wonderful theme inspired story, 'The Frog Olympics,' and ended our day with face painting, olympic style of course! We tried our best not to smudge it while we ate our delicious Sweet Pizza Dough. Class 2 also began their day by introducing olympic themed vocabulary. Next, they created a beautiful collage of olympic ring art and soon after competed in a 3-legged race. After the race they all made medals

Superheroes around the farm

Today we had a funny Friday in Casa Nostra and we could see lots of superheroes around the farm all day long. Class 1 connected dots to make incredible superheroes, they played musical chairs, also played freeze dance game and at the end they colored paper sheets and made their own comic artworks. As usual they read stories and learnt songs. Class 2 design their favorite capes in the morning, later they colored some superheroes and after that made their own special capes, some of them had got their bracelets and some others made masks, we had some also with very original tiaras! Class 3 did something special, yesterday they said why heroes are special and what make them special and today the

Super Chick

Today was a very super day at farm school. Group 1 used their super powers to save a cat in a maze. They coloured in super man badges and made super hero arm bands. Our hero’s are ready for action! Group 2 started of their day with some superhero themed colouring, mazes and dot to dot activities before making some superhero masks. They also enjoyed reading some books including ‘Superwoman’ and ‘Superhero Friends’. Group 3 had a big day of super vocabulary today. they started the morning off by talking about what super hero's can, have and need followed by making a list of lots of possible super powers. They used these lists of vocabulary to then create their own superhero’s! All the ch

All types of heroes

In the morning our first class or farm helpers created their own super hero capes. They also learnt a new song today called,' Superhero superhero touch the ground.' The lyrics can be found in the children's class books. Later they learnt to play the game 'Duck, duck goose' superhero style! They finished the day by making their own masks which they took home. Class two were busy bees as well, cutting out and labelling shapes. They also designed and made their own comic books, featuring super heroes. In class three the children began the day by learning the lyrics to a song to remember the days of the week, set to the tune of the Adam's Family theme song. We began to investigate adjective

Roy Lichtenstein

Our little heroes zoomed straight back on to the farm school for yet another day of super powered learning. In the morning our miniature heroes from classes 1 and 2 designed their own colour theme for the notorious batman symbol. Pinks and purples were a popular choice, maybe batman should take note. The super charged heroes of class 3 were ready and raring as ever, jumping right in with an intricate comic book maze. In the afternoon they discovered a real life hero of the pop art world, Roy Lichtenstein and having discussed some of his life and work they then got to create their own artwork inspired by him, using the typical dots and bold colouring. Ariana and Antonia transformed their c

Superheroes week

Granja Escola Casa Nostra started off the month of August with a KAPOW, FLASH, BANG. This weeks theme is heroes and we've been discovering superheroes powers and what it means to be a real life hero. Class 1 started their Monday learning hero themed vocabulary, learning to say and spell the words cape, fly and superhero. The children used their creativity super power to colour in Spiderman, and make sweet pizza dough in the outdoor kitchen. They also jumped as high as they could on the trampoline whilst making superhero sounds together. Class 2 carried on the theme of super heroes; they flew to feed the chickens and used super-speed to collect the eggs and brush Pearla the donkey. Stay t

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